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The Diarrhea Death Star II was a superweapon created by Jokermingo0044 after the destruction of the first Diarrhea Death Star at the hands of Microsoft Sam. Like its predecessor, it operated exactly like a normal Death Star but with modifications. The reactor core is powered by Methane Penguin Diarrhea Gas, and this gas also powers the extremely powerful superlaser. Unlike its predecessor, the Diarrhea Death Star II was able to target capital ships, cruisers, and other large spacecraft.

Two Demonstrations

Jokermingo0044, on September 12, 2009, demonstrated the full power of the Diarrhea Death Star II, completely annihilating two of Domingo0022's cruisers, the Get Fueled for Life and the Interview with a YouTuber. He later threatened Domingo once again a few days later, but his threat was never carried out.


On September 21, 2009, Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, as well as Radar Overseer Scotty launched a major offensive on the Diarrhea Death Star II. The attack proved to be a success, and they managed to destroy the reactor, causing the Methane Penguin Diarrhea Gas in the station to ignite, sparking a chain reaction which would, without doubt, destroy the station.

Jokermingo's Death

Onboard the Space Station, Jokermingo vainly continued to command the battle, although the battle was lost. When he learned from a penguin aide his station's reactor was beginning to explode violently, he said one of Sam's Profanity Lines, but was cut off in the middle, as the command bridge exploded. The Diarrhea Death Star slowly burned off the outer shell. Mere seconds later, the entire Diarrhea Death Star II was obliterated in a huge fireball that could be seen from Earth 2 and the Thunderbirds101 TV Space Station.