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More accurate information can be found here: https://mssam.fandom.com/wiki/IWAY-Team_Stores_Inc.


IWAY-Team Stores Inc. (trading as IWAY or Team, depending on location) was founded by Barrow Windermere on February 23, 2018, during ROFL City's decline.

Most stores in ROFL City were closing, including ROFLmart and ROFLget (previously Target-ROFL). After Scotty became mayor in 2019, the economy went booming straight away.

IWAY's main rival, Ryan Retail, began operations in 2016, and still operates to this day. IWAY-Team, however, became number 1 almost immediately after purchase of British Shop Chain "Team Stores" (previously "Met Stores") in 2019.

As of today, there are over 6000 IWAY Locations in the USA, and over 1000 Team Locations in the UK. There are also more than 5000 stores combined in most other countries (not North Korea). There have been IWAY stores in the UK and Team stores in the USA at one point.

Store Locations

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Within ROFL City:

See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in ROFL City

North America:

See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in North America

Central America:

See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in Central America

South America:

See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in South America

Europe (UK):

See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in the UK

Europe (Continent and Iceland):

See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in Continental Europe and Iceland

Russian Federation:

See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in the Russian Federation


See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in the Middle-East


See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in Asia


See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in Africa


See: IWAY-Team Store Locations in Oceania

General Layout

These stores follow the "Highest Amount of Sales" principle, where the Entrance/Exit to the store is on the right and checkouts on the left/center. This is typical for LHD (Drive on the Right) countries (like the USA) but this is reversed in the UK and other RHD (Drive on the Left) Countries.

All Stores Have (More than 3500+):

  • All of the IWAY Brands (except Bombs, Missiles & Automobiles)
  • Staffed Checkouts
  • IWAY Pharmacy

Most Stores Have (More than 2000+):

  • Self Checkouts
  • IWAY Bakeries
  • IWAY Deli
  • IWAY Floral
  • IWAY Restaurants, McDonald's, Subway
  • (US ONLY): Popeyes, Dunkin' Donuts, Freddy's Steakburgers and Frozen Custard, or Chick-fil-A
  • Single-Storey Parking
  • IWAY Salon

Some Stores Have (More than 1000+):

  • Public Transport Links
  • IWAY Automobiles
  • Double-Storey Parking
  • IWAY Nails
  • (UK ONLY) Scoop (an Ice Cream Parlour)

A Very Few Stores Have (More than 500+):

  • Underground Parking and/or Multi-Storey Car Parking
  • Access to Shopping Centres or High Streets
  • IWAY Offices
  • IWAY Dental

Very Little Stores Have (Less than 50, only in the UK)

  • Subway/Metro/Underground or Tram Connections
  • Dunkin' Donuts (Very rare in UK)

Only 1 store has (Just 1, obviously)

  • The Thunderbird Tower.