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Logo Bloopers: Redemption is a fan-made project idea born from the mind of Oranim12. It is considered as a simple idea as it does not exist as a TTS series on YouTube. It is based on davemadson's "Looney Tunes Bloopers" series and the various spin-offs born from other YouTubers that kept the idea alive such as Max Andrew's "Logo Intro Bloopers", Taylor Entertainment's "Paramount/ABC Logo Bloopers" and more.


The story follows the Scary Logos from the various series uniting with one another in order to overthrow the Chairman of the realm of Hades and its ruler, Satan.

How a simple thought changed everything...

Horror (the "Horror Factory" zombie) was, and still is, one of the most respected leaders in Hades. He knows what to do at what time, he gives out the different strategies the team could take...

He was the perfect leader the Chairman could ask for, even when losing against the Almighty.

One day as he was walking around Hades, he stumbled upon a conversation between an angry Chairman and a scared Lucifer McEvil.

As always, the Chairman was in a furious mood as Lucifer had failed to deliver him Dave and his friends.

Lucifer and Horror were really good friends, they knew they could count on each other to the point that the Princess of Darkness, Lucretia McEvil, became jealous of them.

The Chairman didn't need nor wanted Lucifer's pity. He only wished for the fallen Prince to disappear...But what instead transpired is that Horror pushed Lucifer out of the way, taking the powerful blast in his stead.

That is when he started to think...

Why are they trying to take over the world by making people scared when some of the Scary Logos such as himself were intended to scare people before a horror movie?

The Chairman had given these simple logos life...But Horror cannot stand being used as a simple puppet anymore.

With Lucifer and some logos by his side, they're going to take back what's theirs and save their friends who fell under Satan's influence.


Logos free from Hades

Horror (From "Horror Factory")

He is one of the two main protagonists and is named after the company he came from. In the CLG Wiki, he's classed as a Nightmare logo although it is intentional for him to be scary as he IS a zombie shown as a jumpscare before a horror movie.

He's also known to speak fluent French, based on the origins of the company he comes from with its slogan "The SCREAMY french touch."

A proud leader at heart, he cares deeply about his friends.

He's quite the gentlemanly zombie as well and is in a relationship with Ozma (from "Oz Film").

I'd watch out if I were you. When he is determined to do something for his friends and loved one, he'll do it prompto.

Ozma (From "Oz Film Company")

Despite being classed as a "scary logo" that might get to the Nightmare level, Ozma is what you'd call a "pretty woman" when her head isn't the only thing on-screen.

Her clothing is based on the theme she portrayed in the video for the logo of the "Oz Film Company", however, she recently decided to be more "modern"-looking as, truth to be told, the films produced by her company are VERY VERY VERY old.

With Horror, they are the two main protagonists of this story, as their points of view will be the main focus, switching between both at times to show Ozma instead of Horror and vice-versa.

As explained before, she is in love with the sexy (redacted by Ozma herself) gentleman known as Horror.

Hikon (from "Hikon Film")

Instead of somewhat of a "Gazing Eye" (if you get the reference) zooming through a Powerpoint-like logo video, Hikon is instead depicted as an eye for his head and the rest is a normal body.

His looks are quite old-fashioned, being portrayed as a cinephile that knows a lot about movies, old and new. If you need help when choosing a movie, count on him to select one suitable for both you and him.

Oh, and did I mentioned he's got a brother with the same kind of body as his?

Virgin (from "Virgin Interactive")

And here we have the first geek of the list and younger brother of Hikon, VIIIIIRRRGIIIIN!!! Based on the infamous "Virgin Interactive" logo with an eye in full screen!

Unlike Hikon which prefers to keep a balance between the old and the new, Virgin goes straight into the new stuff: new games, new consoles, new technologies...He's always excited to hear about the good stuff as he just says "BLEGH!" to Hikon's old-school things!

This section is a Work In Progress, it shall be updated with proper notes and quotes to the original websites that served as references soon with enough free time.