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Not to be confused with MSreas/MSseas or MScwe by SamJoe404.

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Series Information

Funny Errors and Signs

Creator Original Release Date Seasons Episodes
SOSOwner/LakeshoreYT Feb 10, 2019 1 2

Microsoft Sam's Errors and Signs

Creator Original Release Date Seasons Episodes
LakeshoreYT Mid-2020 2 (planned) 20 (planned)

History Time, again...

Long story short, the signs part of this series was a series by SOSOwner, before the channel became inactive by September 9, 2018, with the final grace period ending on March 25, 2019 (2 years after Animals can be Sick (part 1) was released) That series went a bit differently, compared to SOSOwner. This series was also canonized (sort of). And was called FEAS (Funny Errors and Signs). This rendition was eventually cancelled.

A revival is in the planning. A TB101 and SamJoean-style series (SamJoean for the combined Errors and Signs episode plan and TB101 for everything else)


As "Funny Errors and Signs"

Episode Synopsis Airdate

The Metro

It's a bit of Clickbait. It isn't even what the episode really is. Feb 10, 2019

Just a short one...

As the name suggests.


As "Microsoft Sam's Errors and Signs"

Season 1

Episode Synopsis Airdate Host Prod. Code

Episode 1

Premiere episode. Microsoft Sam is going solo with the sign and error reading business. Mid-2020 Samuel A. Microsoft ES01

The Sammy Show

Info coming soon...

Delayed indefinitely

See below in "Cast". Excluding Sam.


Episode 3

Info coming soon...


Samuel A. Microsoft


Episode Bacon

Bacon takes over the sign reading. Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon!


Geoffrey Bacon Foodson (or simply Bacon)

BACON (it's actually ES04)

Episode Soy

Who the heck is Soy? Soy takes over the error reading while Sam is gone.


Soy Legume (or simply Soy)

SOY (it's actually ES05)

Boring Baloney

Not cool Sam! My Baloney Sandwiches can do better than your Tacos any day! Scotty takes over the error reading while Sam is gone.


Scotty B. Free (or simply Scotty)

BALONEY (it's actually ES06)

Sam's Return

Microsoft Sam returns to do the sign and error reading.


Samuel A. Microsoft


Episode Graphs

Dr. Graphs reads errors temporarily while Sam is on vacation.


Dr. Graphs

GRAPHS (it's actually ES08)

Episode Penultimate

The penultimate episode of Season 1 of MSEaS.


Samuel A. Microsoft


Season 1 Finale

Season finale.


See below in "Cast"




Main recurring members

  • Microsoft Sam, as himself and Microsoft Billy Mays

Other recurring members

  • Microsoft Mike (who talks like a lady)
  • Microsoft Mary
  • Microsoft Zira
  • Microsoft David
  • Microsoft Anna
  • Microsoft Eva
  • L&H Michael
  • L&H Michelle
  • Scotty (Adult Male 1)
  • Barrow Rydal Windermere (SOSOwner)
  • Rhonda Raven

Special Cast (only in certain episodes)

None to be announced yet.