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"My ROFLCopter goes soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi..." - Microsoft Sam

The ROFLcopter is an ASCII helicopter drawing with LOL and ROFL blades.

Microsoft Sam makes the sound of a ROFLcopter by saying soi soi soi.


The original design was conceived by the vehicular division of the OMG Infantry as a more efficient, mobile, radiation-proof variant on the OMGiet. The immunity to nuclear radiation, however, was discovered by accident on an episode of Microsoft Sam reads Stupid and Weird Signs involving an unexpected nuclear detonation. Since then, the ROFLcopter has become a standard-issue assault vehicle for irradiated areas.


  • In Dick Figures, the ROFLcopter made a appearance in the episode Flame War.
  • In Microsoft Sam's Big Vacation's Teaser Trailer (the third one), it shows the ROFLCopter being animated and flying through the air taking Sam to a plane.
  • The ROFLcopter Attack GIF appeared twice in the War Trilogy, each time in the opening episodes of Microsoft Sam and the War in the Republic of My and Microsoft Sam and the Great Final War.
  • The age to drive a ROFLcopter is 18.