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  • to as simply Akriloth; now known on YouTube via his alternate account, Akriloth2150) is a Text-to-speech videographer currently residing in Southern England
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  • Messaging feature. It saw the return of Bendyournoodle (now known as Pandora) and AT88TV (now known as AaronT), who requested major errors to Sam (despite AaronT's
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  • to by his callsign, RedStar, is a military tactician, well-known communist, and the current leader of the Soviet Union. One of the most powerful people
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  • and political issues matter. AceOfSpadesProduc100 was fired from the show in September 2017 due to his views against social justice issues important to
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  • not recorded at their usual pitch. In the current 1080p version of the upload, there is multiple lag and issues throughout several scenes. This is the only
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  • reads Funny Errors (previously known as Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors) is a TTS series created by TKB. It is currently on hiatus. Season 1 started
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  • voted in the Nationalists Party of Russia, and soon enough the nation was known as the Russian Federated States. Two years on, the party had proven not only
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  • The Wiki Constitution, previously known as the Microsoft Sam and His Fellow Text-to-Speech Wiki Basic Law, is a set of laws that defines for the ethics
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  • Great Britain (also known as the United Kingdom or simply Britain) is a country in Western Europe. The current leader is AaronT. The country is one of
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