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|title = TheAudio177 TTS
|title = TheAudio177 TTS
|label1 = Aliases/Nicknames
|label1 = Aliases/Nicknames
|data1 = Audio, RB, RB565, Rambo565, Windows 98
|data1 = Audio, Audio177, RB, RB565, Rambo565, Windows 98
|label2 = Status
|label2 = Status
|data2 = Alive
|data2 = Alive
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[[Microsoft Sam Plays Zuma Deluxe]]
*[[Microsoft Sam Plays Zuma Deluxe]]
==Trivia ==
==Trivia ==

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TheAudio177 TTS
TheAudio177 TTS
Aliases/NicknamesAudio, Audio177, RB, RB565, Rambo565, Windows 98
BodyA speaker logo
VoiceNon voice actor, appointed with Adult Male 3 (American English)
FriendsMicrosoft Sam (TheAudio177), Microsoft Mike (TheAudio177), Microsoft Mary (TheAudio177), Microsoft David (TheAudio177), Natural Microsoft Sam (TheAudio177), Natural Microsoft Mike (TheAudio177), Natural Microsoft Mary (TheAudio177), etc.
EnemiesNotorious Serial Assassins (NSA) Brutus (TheAudio177) TheChaos771

For the user, see User:TheAudio177

TheAudio177 (Formerly Rambo565 I / Windows 98, also known as TheAudio177 TTS) is a male YouTuber who make Gameplay videos (RB) and TTS videos. He started making videos in 2014 as Rambo565 XD.

As "Rambo565 XD" (2014-2016)

He created his very first YouTube channel on July 6, 2014. His first video was: Vote! this is if you prefer "soi" or "soy". He uploaded some slideshow videos until he got a screen recording named Bandicam. He made GoAnimate videos and tutorials on how to make characters. His popular video is How To Make Caillou On GoAnimate. He also uploaded some "My Reaction" videos and some more GoAnimate. The channel did not upload for 10 months but he came back with the channel Windows 'Memphis' 98. He uploaded again (In the channel Rambo565 XD) and he uploaded some Hyperbowl Gameplays.

As "Windows 'Memphis' 98" (2015-2016)

As of July 12, 2015, He came back as Windows 'Memphis' 98. He never uploaded some GoAnimate videos anymore. He uploaded some gameplay, Microsoft Sam talks about games, and more, more, gameplay. His last video was a poker game.

As "RB" & "TheAudio177 TTS" (active 2018-present)

As of March 2, 2018, He came back with 2 channels as "Rambo565 I" (TheAudio177 TTS) and "Rambo565 II" (RB). He didn't upload some TTS related video - He only uploaded gameplays and other stuff. As of December 2018, he renamed the channel "Rambo565 I" as "Windows 98 SE" and makes some TTS videos and gameplay. As of 31 December 2018, he renamed the channel "Windows 98 SE" as TheAudio177 and only will make TTS videos. He will upload gameplays in the channel RB.


  • There are no upcoming series as of now.


  • 2017 is the only year he didn't upload a video and didn't have the opportunity to come back. In short, 2017 isn't his year.
  • His name in the FANDOM version of the wiki is still Rambo565 I
  • His 2 channels are abandoned, but not closed.
  • His alt channel (RB) has more subscribers, views, and videos, despite TheAudio177 TTS being the main channel.
  • His alt channel (RB) was originally named RB565.
  • He has an evil counterpart called TheChaos771.