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The ROFL Robot (also known as Mr. ROFL Robot) is the assistance mech of Microsoft Sam and his many friends. He is built with Windows XP: Awesome Face edition, making him immune to a number of viruses and software glitches. His memory banks provide vast intelligence. He is voiced by Robosoft #3.


This unit was fabricated by Microsoft Sam in 2009, using spare parts from a motorcycle, an airplane seat, a high-definition camera, and a peanut. His bretherin were put to shame and sent to many different YouTubers all across the world, and Thunderbirds101 managed to get his hands on the smarter one. He is equipped with arm cannons, but is never seen using them.

This unit in particular was first seen in a few episodes of Thunderbirds101's Funny Windows Errors series, and gained his movie debut in The War in the Republic of My.


The ROFL Robot was first in an army made by Microsoft Sam, but he left before the civil war in the DRoM, to assist Sam and Mike with what they needed to get accomplished. He has since been proven a loyal asset to Microsoft Sam and his friends.

The ROFL Robot, as he appears in all of Thunderbirds101's videos