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Please don't use my user board to post problems. Instead, go to User_talk:Therofl98 if you need Administrative help or The_TTSCpedia:Tech_Support if you need Wiki help.

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posted 17 days ago

Hey, I got a name for the Japanese TTSCpedia, I used Google Translate for this, and I am attempting to learn Japanese from Hiragana and Katakana and to a lesser extent Kanji (Which is the Chinese alphabet used in Japanese). Here's the name:

ツクペディア (tsukupedia)

If you aren't going to use it for the Japanese TTSCpedia, that's fine, it's only a suggestion.

posted 148 days ago

Someone uploaded a copy of SamJoe's concept of Sam to the wiki (The Denpa Men concept to be exact)

Here is the filename: File:DBP on YT the Cowboy's concept of Sam (2019-Present).png

Even if SamJoe gave out his Denpa Sprites a while back, I still feel like he must give credit where credit is due (as seen on the description I edited).

Please rename the file to SamJoe MS Sam (2015-17).

posted 289 days ago

Okay, got it. I never thought of using the Tech Support Desk before but if there was a problem with something on this wiki, like a broken theme or something, I use it instead of messaging you or any other admin for that matter.

posted 293 days ago

The upload feature's broken and it's spitting out random URL codes.

posted 357 days ago

Yo should I continue working on trying to get MultiUpload to automatically put Commons metadata onto new files?