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I am Boyer99EAS, a fledgling Text-To-Speech video maker from Indiana who is the creator of Microsoft Sam Reads Random Windows Errors. If you want to watch my TTS videos, please go to my channel (same name as my user name).

The channel is here!

Current Series

  • Microsoft Sam Reads Random Windows Errors. Airs every Thursday during a "season". Stars Microsoft Sam, Mike, Mary, and several others.
  • Emergency Alert System scenario videos. Air...whenever I feel like it. Stars TTS voice ScanSoft Tom, as well as other voices in some videos.

Upcoming Series

  • To be announced

Software and Sites Used For Video Making

  • VEGAS Movie Studio (Video Editing)
  • Balabolka (TTS Voices)
  • Audacity (Audio Editing)
  • VirtualBox (Screenshots of Operating System UIs, as well as some errors created using VBScript)
  • FreeSound and SoundBible (sound effects)
  • Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator (Windows 9x and XP errors)