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Microsoft Sam's Wacky Signs and Errors

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Microsoft Sam's Wacky Signs and Errors
Created byFairPlay137-TTS
Main CharacterMicrosoft Sam
Airs onNo solid schedule, but usually on Saturdays whenever possible.
Runs2019/07/06 -
Approximate begin date of the next runN/A

Microsoft Sam's Wacky Signs and Errors is a series by FairPlay137-TTS where Microsoft Sam reads signs as well as Windows errors in a similar fashion to some other series.


  • Microsoft Sam (himself)
  • More characters will be introduced as the first run goes on


  • The first run of episodes will be produced with Windows Movie Maker 2.0 on Windows XP Service Pack 3, simply due to how fast FairPlay137-TTS can get episodes done that way. However, some technical limitations may be worked around via Macromedia Flash 8 and/or Audacity.
    • Additionally, custom transitions, effects, and titles are used in this first run.
  • This may be the first time FairPlay137-TTS's own error generator has been put to use in a TTS series, despite the generator still being in the alpha stages of development.