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The Ancient Joke Police was a government organization who's officers (either voiced by Mike in Stadium or a low-pitched Adult Male #3) would either censor, nuke, or seize the content of error messages if they contain ancient, overused jokes. Their first appearance was in Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors (S17EP8) and their last appearance was in Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S24EP9).

The AJP met their end after fading away from existence due to nobody liking them anymore. However, they did reappear in Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (Season 25 Finale), however that AJP interference is believed to have been a prank on the historians who found the material they were censoring.


The Ancient Joke Police are believed to have been founded and based at a secret U.S. military base in a small Virussian farming community who's name is difficult to spell or pronounce (hint: it sounds like a death rattle).

Ancient Jokes

Other Uses

Just recently, MalachiThornsburgTV used the Ancient Joke Police for an Engrish picture (on his first Engrish episode), the instructions of some kind of food. Whatever it was, it did needed to be censored, and the Engrish according to him was an Ancient Joke.

Mitchell Productions has used this in his Funny Windows Errors series between Season 3 Episodes 5 and 10, initially used to confirm that The Moving Victoria Virus is already an ancient joke. He has decided to completely stop using this in Episode 10 when the agency has seized itself. In his series, the agency covers the error with an overlay with a pattern that says "CENSORED BY THE ANCIENT JOKE POLICE", followed by a text that says this and descends from above. In Season 3 episodes 8 and 10, its agent's voice was FestVox and Flite AWB.