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Check out the tables below to see how the brand new XP and ranking system works.

TTSCpedia Ranking
XP needed Rank Badge
0 Unregistered HyperCam 2 XPBadge-Rank0.png
1,200 Windows Movie Maker XPBadge-Rank1.png
1,750 iMovie XPBadge-Rank2.png
2,500 Wondershare Filmora XPBadge-Rank3.png
5,000 Kdenlive XPBadge-Rank4.png
10,000 Adobe Premiere XPBadge-Rank5.png
20,000 HitFilm Express XPBadge-Rank6.png
35,000 DaVinci Resolve XPBadge-Rank7.png
50,000 Movie Studio Platinum XPBadge-Rank8.png
75,000 Final Cut Pro XPBadge-Rank9.png
100,000 Vegas Pro XPBadge-Rank10.png
150,000 Radar Overseer Scotty XPBadge-Rank11.png
250,000 Microsoft Mary XPBadge-Rank12.png
350,000 Microsoft Mike XPBadge-Rank13.png
500,000 Microsoft Sam XPBadge-Rank14.png
650,000 MacinTalk Alex XPBadge-Rank15.png
800,000 TTSC Veteran 100px
1,000,000 TTSC Champion 100px
1,250,000 TTSC Celebrity 100px
1,600,000 TTSC Legend 100px
2,000,000 TTSC Master 100px
?,???,???+ ??? 100px
XP Values
What to do Earned XP
Creating/editing an article in the main namespace 65
Uploading your first avatar 1,000
Sending a gift to another user 10

There are other actions which award you XP, but at the moment we have yet to reveal the XP values for those actions.