The TTSCpedia:The To-do list

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This is a list of what still needs to be done during the public beta of The TTSCpedia.

  • Carry over more pages from the old Wiki.
  • Categorize already-existing pages (a lot of them don't have the categories they had over on the Wikia)
  • Create Nations page (assigned to MrEASlol)
  • Add missing icons (assigned to FairPlay137)
  • Customize the imported Wikipedia templates so they are somewhat different from the Wikipedia templates. (The rules here are a bit different than Wikipedia)
  • Add TemplateData to the templates so that they will work within the Visual Editor. (It might be a bit difficult in the case of some templates)
  • Test the Michigan (GitHub), Cali (GitHub), Idaho (not yet released; mobile counterpart to Cali), and Illinois (not yet released) skins.
  • Fix RESTbase to allow switching from Wikitext to VisualEditor Complete as of 4/27/2019