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The Angry German kid on his daily raging spree

The Angry German Kid (AGK) is an internet meme found on YouTube and other video websites, filled with parodies, RPG episodes, reactions, etc.

His real identity is Leopold Andreas Slikk (aged around 14-15 in the video) and his "father" (referred to another video) is called Harold Slikk.

Complete story

Leopold Slikk knocks several things out of the desk, then sits on and wants to play “Unreal Tournament.” He was impatient of loading the game by pounding fist on the keyboard. He then goes to work and starts to sing several times. He choose “Quick Start” but again amazed to anger with screams. Slikk thinks optimistically. Later, he begins to obsession at the beginning of the game with maniac laughter and smashing the keyboard on the table. He then loses the escape button from the keyboard, but recovers it quickly. At the end, he was apparently shot on the game and begin to scream out smashing keyboards and turns back from the computer crying.

Beyond the anger

Slikk plays poker with his stuffed animals but no one can make a move. He killed the stuffed cow. In the video, he was just acting and not from DARO Retard Capsules.

Slikk likes rapping like a gangster.

In different universes

The AGK was used a lot in different TTS universes:

However, the AGK was also in universes not just in TTS universes, for example:

  • CDiFan237's Universe: CDiFan237 made a series with AGK vs the other TTS people (and some that are not TTS), the series starts as the AGK checking the email of his, when he overcame a trailer of Team Fortress 3, when it was all just a troll. Sent by Microsoft Sam, the AGK was destined to defeat Microsoft Sam over the rage of a ban on Conker Live and Reloaded. Another message with another fake trailer, pissing off AGK, and therefore, later that day, finding it was Microsoft Sam who was responsible. (The name as mssam732@microsoft.com with also the name as NewGameTrailers4U, which was obviously a troll.) The AGK then calls Microsoft Sam with "CallMe v1.36 [Trail Version].") When the AGK checks Microsoft Sam's location with his IP Tracker, it was obvious Sam was in Scotland, and that's when the AGK kid began his adventure.

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