Diarrhea Death Star

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The Diarrhea Death Star was a superweapon created by The Angry German Kid, Satan, The Devil's Hell Star, and Jokermingo0044. It operated similarly a normal Death Star; however, there were some modifications. For example, the super laser was equipped with a powerful chemical that causes the core of a planet to suffer explosive diarrhea, resulting in a cataclysmic explosion that triggers planetary destruction within milliseconds of impact. It is not related to the Death Star, although the weapons appear physically identical. It is possibly related to the Diarrhea-Infested Toilet.

Earth Destroyed

In the Funny Windows Errors Season 4 Finale, the Diarrhea Death Star was suddenly introduced by the Devil's Hell Star after the OMG_BRB_ICE_CREAM_TRUCK failed. The Diarrhea Death Star fired one shot, completely destroying Earth in a massive fireball, sending Microsoft Sam and Radar Overseer Scotty to Hell, where they would eventually escape after being rescued by Domingo0022 unleashing the DARO Retard Capsules on the Devil's Hell Star and his assistant robot.


The superweapon was eventually destroyed, along with the Angry German Kid, Satan, and Aliensoft Sam, when Microsoft Sam had his Taco spies "fix" the Diarrhea Death Star during S5EP1 of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors.


During the Funny Windows Errors Labour Day Special, it was revealed that Jokermingo0044 was constructing a new Diarrhea Death Star. Another video posted by Jokermingo himself pointed out construction would be completed on October 3rd (Ironically, October 3rd is the date of the S5 Finale of Funny Windows Errors). However, this was purely a distraction, as in fact, the Diarrhea Death Star II  was already completed. On September 12, 2009, Jokermingo0044 demonstrated the Diarrhea Death Star II's firepower, completely destroying Domingo0022's cruiser, Get Fueled For Life. Less than 2 hours later, Jokermingo again demonstrated the power, destroying the cruiser, "Interview with a YouTuber".