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{{hatnote|Not to be confused with [[User:TheROFL98|TheROFL98 (User)]]}}
{{hatnote|Not to be confused with [[User:Therofl98|TheROFL98 (User)]]}}
2018=[[File:TheROFL98 Concept 2018.png|150px]] |-|
2018=[[File:TheROFL98 Concept 2018.png|150px]] |-|

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TheROFL98 Concept 2018.png

TheROFL98 Concept 2017.png

Voiced ByRHVoice Alan

TheROFL98 is a fictional character who resides within his own universe. He owns a broadcast studio within the urban city of Chicago (Otherwise known as ROFL City) named "TheROFL98 TV Studios". He has employed a set of characters to work for him at the studio.


TheROFL98 usually likes to maintain a neutral emotion and in most situations can stay calm, even when the odds are against him. When he isn't on adventures with Microsoft Sam (TheROFL98) and the gang he is usually seen in his office working on other projects. However, if he is provoked enough he may end up on a rampage.