Communist Linux Penguin Army/RRFWE Storyline

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The new flag

The Communist Linux Penguin Army is an army of penguins from Linux. They first appeared as Tux Clones (Tax, Tex, Tix, Tox, Tux, Tyx) in Remote Reads Funny Windows Errors episode 3: The Death of Tux. They were killed in the same episode by Radar Overseer Liy.

Notable clones

  • Tux: The main leader. He was the only clone that wasn't killed in the shooting of episode 3.
  • Tox: He sounds like Purple Shep. He is stupid and calls the army of clones the "Mr. Tux Army".
  • Tux Clone #138944: He is random and is stupid.
  • Pengurno: He is also called "The Wise Penguin".

The other clones (Tax, Tix, Tex, Tyx) are unknown. There are 8,000,000 penguins on Earth, and about 6,232,109 have migrated to Antarctica. 992,893 live in Linuxland, and the rest are on other parts of the world, like Goiky.


  • The names of the original CLPA clones had the second letter as a vowel (A, E, I, O, U, Y)
  • Tux reappeared in 2 errors in season 2 episode 1 of Remote reads Funny Windows Errors recently. However, his clones are yet to be seen.
    • Also, he might be able to make an army of TCF logos as said by Remote in the same episode.
  • They are related to the Tux Clones, since they are.