List of non-stressed words that Microsoft Sam can say

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There are several non-stressed words in the SAPI5 dictionary. Following is a list of non-stressed words that have been found so far. If he wants to say the stressed word, place an exclamation mark after the non-stressed word.

List; keep this in alphabetical order. The style is stress-word: non-stress-word. In that case, the list can also contain profanity and names.

  • babb: bhab
  • bap: bhap
  • bug: bbug
  • dab: dhab
  • dap: dhap
  • fab: hffab
  • fap: hffap
  • fast: hfast
  • gone: gg'aun
  • pab: hpab
  • pap: hppap
  • source: sssaurss
  • speak: spea'k
  • staap: stthap
  • stop: st'ahp
  • tab: tthab
  • tap: tthap

More to come...