MacinTalk Voice Zarvox

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MacinTalk Voice Zarvox
"That looks like a peaceful planet."
--Zarvox's default dialog
Zarvox System Preferences.png
MacinTalk Voice Zarvox as shown in macOS Mojave's System Preferences.
Voice Info
GenderNeutral (it)
Aliases"Mac Zarvox", "Zarvox"
Speech EngineMacinTalk
Default SpeedN/A
Default PitchN/A
Bundled OSMac OS System 7 and onward
OS AvailabilitymacOS Exclusive

MacinTalk Voice Zarvox is a TTS (Text-to-Speech) voice introduced with Mac OS System 7 in 1991. It is a novelty voice which can be chosen as the default voice in the Speech Control Panel in Classic Mac OS, and System Preferences in Mac OS X (now known as macOS). It speaks with a robotic monotone voice, making it sound like a robot.