Microsoft Sam's CD-i Intro Bloopers

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Microsoft Sam's CD-i Intro Bloopers
The CD-i Intro Bloopers logo
Created byAceOfSpadesProduc100
Upload date:Episode 1: June 17, 2014

Episode 2: October 1, 2014 Episode 3: October 22, 2014 Episode 4: October 30, 2014 Episode 5: November 11, 2014 Episode 6: December 12, 2014

Episode 7: January 20, 2018
ProfanityLittle to none (as of episode 7)
StatusHiatus between episodes 6 and 7, now resumed

Inspired by Davemadson's Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers, and running since June 2014, CD-i Intro Bloopers is about the crew of Sam, Scotty, Ace, and Anna, trying to perfect the intro animation for the failed Philips CD-i video game console. Sam serves as the director while Radar Overseer Scotty is in charge of the logo and texts. Hilarity ensues, as the logo’s text reflects on either Scotty mishearing directions, or as headlines on whatever’s going on in the studio. Scotty’s incompetence makes Sam build-up to the point of letting his anger out on him, which gets him into trouble from the other staff. Sometimes, a diverse selection of villains interrupt their sessions to cause trouble, only for Anna to drive them away with her laser eyes.


Episode 6

Sam decided to go to Taco Tuesday, and then came back to the studio where the scary logos clan showed up and knocked them over. Such a cheap twist. Then, the Mephistopheles came here only for Anna to zap them out. The same fate goes with the scary errors clan.

Sam, considering what happened at the beginning of previous episodes, simply states "interactive media", hoping for the texts to be exactly what it's supposed to be. It turned out to be that but used the same font in the bloopers. Sam says that the font should be corrected, which Scotty then put "correct font". Sam reprimands him for it, and then the next intro ends up saying "dumbass media". Mike later teases Scotty about snorting crack, which Scotty promptly denies. The next intro later says "Windows XP", which Sam somehow comments "fat but sexy since 2001", instead of criticizing Scotty like he usually does. After the next intro says "taco Tuesday", Sam immediately runs out to ruin a taco Tuesday offscreen. Zira worries about what he does, including pointing out the potential of fighting with Sonata Dusk from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls as she's also a taco fanatic. Two intros follow, both being requests. Respectively, they're "Emails/Strong Bad" (Probably the original requester didn't know how to structure it) and "Welcome to/the revenge of sample text". The latter is a reference to the intro saying "Sample Text" in a few episodes before, which then repeats as the next intro. Next is a bait-and-switch, with the THX logo's entrance cutting off that intro. Next, the Morris Video logo comes back after her fall to her false demise in probably the season 2 finale of Funny Windows Errors. Immediately after, Sam rushes in and knocks the two off the stage. After, the gang is declared safe, until the MacEvils immediately showed up. The two coerce the gang into forfeiting the studio to them, which Mike immediately refuses. After another threat from the MacEvils, Anna zaps them and sends them flying out of the studio. Lucifer remarks on them appearing twice in a row, and Lucretia ponders on crossing over this series with LT Bloopers. The next two intros are references to memes, and then the third one is followed by a clip of the Max Headroom TV hijacking. After it was taken care of, the Scary Errors Clan enters, specifically the MSSAM TV background, the PlayStation 2 disc error screen, and the Windows XP blue screen of death. The three use the same threat to force the gang to hand over Anna, underestimating her power. After Anna refuses, the three launch their attack, accidentally each other. After they fled, the crew ends their session with a lunch break.

Character Cast


  • Nuance Samantha - as Siri
  • Mary - as herself
  • VoiceForge Kidaroo - as Mister Ace's tantrum voice
  • TruVoice Eddie (lowest pitch) - as Ylvis
  • Robosoft 3 (lowest pitch) - as Sonic.exe
  • YouTube Poop Billy Mays (via sentence-mixing) - as himself
  • TruVoice Peter - as Martin
  • TruVoice Douglas, American English - as Gamzee Makara (from Homestuck)
  • NeoSpeech Kate - as Microsoft Diantha
  • LH Julio - as Microsoft Pablo
  • TruVoice Douglas (low pitch) - as the PlayStation 2 Red Screen of Death
  • Robosoft 1 (low pitch) - as the Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death
  • Robosoft 6 (low pitch) - as the Windows XP Blue Screen of Death
  • Microsoft Mike (low pitch) - as Martin's tantrum voice
  • AT&T Charles - as Alex


  • Sam - as himself
  • Ace's real voice - as Ace
  • TruVoice Peter - as Scotty
  • Robosoft 3 - as the ROFL Robot
  • Robosoft 2 - as Lucifer MacEvil
  • Robosoft 5 - as Lucretia MacEvil
  • Robosoft 1 - as the Chairman

Behind the scenes

In episodes 1-6, the series worked easily, in the style of Davemadson's LTIB. The only difference is there is a diversity of villains, including the MacEvils since episode 5. Episode 7 changed everything. The extra characters are gone except for one (Alex), and only the MacEvils and Chairman became the remaining villains by default. Besides the purge, the MacEvils evolved into their own characters, moving away from the footsteps of their Davemadson counterparts, as well as becoming an actual threat rather than a mere nuisance to the crew. After Ace's original channel closed in 2015 and his computer's data was wiped, only episode 6 remains.