Starter Kit/Tutorial: Watermarking your video (Sony Vegas)

From The TTSCpedia

In this tutorial, you will learn how to watermark (sign) your video using Sony Vegas. I will be using Sony Vegas Pro 10 for this demonstration.


  1. In Sony Vegas, load up your .veg file.
    Screenshot 94.png
  2. Create a new Video track.
    Screenshot 95.png
  3. With this new Video track made, navigate to the Media Generators tab and click "Text."
    Screenshot 96.png
  4. Pick a good type. I'll be using Soft Shadow.
  5. Drag it down to your timeline, and edit the text as you wish. Set the font size to 16px.
    Screenshot 97.png
  6. Go to the Placement tab, and move the text to the top-right corner of your screen.
    Screenshot 98.png
  7. Stretch it out over the duration of your video.
    Screenshot 99.png

And you're done! Render or complete your video and you're all set.