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Add {{Very long|date=April 2021}} to the top of the article, below any hatnotes.

small parameter
{{Very long|small=left|date=April 2021}} generates the following smaller-sized template, a left-size box instead of a banner (which is usually only of use with |section=, below):
Section-specific use

If just a particular section of an article is getting long, it can be tagged by adding the |section= parameter, or using the {{Very long section}} template variant:

{{Very long section}} and {{Very long|section|small=left|date=April 2021}} both render:
Readable prose size
The readable prose size in kilobytes, calculated with the help of tools like Prosesize or Shubinator's DYK tool, can be added manually to the template: {{Very long|rps=75}} generates the following template:
nosplit parameter

Adding |nosplit=yes (or any other value for that parameter, such as y or true) will suppress mention of splitting the material to new sub-articles, since not all content is suitable for splitting.


This template adds tagged articles to Category:Articles that may be too long, or one of its dated subcategories.

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