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TheROFL98 Storyline

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TheROFL98 Universe
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This is information on TheROFL98's Storyline. It is set in ROFL City (Otherwise known as Chicago) taking place around today's dates. There are multiple eras of the storyline, most of which have not been revealed yet, but will be as time goes on. If you wish to see a list of the Series and Characters that are canonical to TheROFL98's Universe, see TheROFL98 Canon.

Era 1 (1985-1989)


Era 2 (1990-1999)


Era 3 (2000-2005)


Era 4 (2006-2010)


Era 5 (2011-2014)


Era 6 (2015-Present)

Today, most of TheROFL98's series takes place in ROFL City, within the studios of TheROFL98. Microsoft Sam is the first lead member of the staff who reads errors. Mac Alex is the second lead member who works at TheROFL98 TV Studios, who plays games and records commentaries on them, usually in rage. Microsoft Anna is the third lead member, who usually sticks around to help the other two in their endeavors. Sam had been working with TheROFL98 since the second era, when he, Mike, and Mary moved in. Alex and Anna had been working with TheROFL98 since the fourth era, when Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard debut. The rest of the members had accumulated over time since the second era, such as Mac Fred, Scotty, and others.