The TTSCpedia:FAQ for members coming from the old TTS Wiki

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If you are coming from the old TTS Wiki (on FANDOM/Wikia), you might have some questions about what's changed. We have written this page to hopefully answer those questions you may have.

General features

Question Answer
Where's the blog stuff? The TTSCpedia currrently doesn't have any blog features. We didn't add one simply because the old TTS Wiki's blog feature was rarely used, and we don't see any point in adding back a feature that was rarely used anyway.
Does the TTSCpedia have forums? No, the TTSCpedia does not have any forums. The old Wiki's forums were rarely used, so we didn't add it here either.
Does this site serve annoying ads like the old Wiki? No, not at all! As of writing this page; we do not serve any ads, period.
How do I navigate on the new Wiki? See Navigation if you haven't used Wikipedia before.
Why does the user interface look completely different? If you don't mean the Vector skin used in Wikipedia, and assuming the Michigan skin has been rolled out, this is a skin tailored toward the Metro design seen in Windows 8.x and 10. We chose this skin as it's design was close to the design seen on the old Wiki.
Hey! _____ doesn't work/is buggy! You should check to see if someone else has already talked about it in the The TTSCpedia:Tech Support first. If not, feel free to post about it there.


Question Answer
Can I use my FANDOM credentials here? No. You will need to sign up for a completely new account, since FANDOM accounts cannot be linked to your TTSC Project account.
Is it possible to connect my social media accounts? Currently there is no way to connect your TTSC Project account to social media. However, this may change in the future.
Is it possible to use 2FA on my account? Yes! When you're logged in, go to your Preferences, and click on "Enable 2FA". You'll be prompted to set up your 2FA app accordingly.


Question Answer
Why don't all templates have their fields available in the visual editor? Simply put, it's due to lack of TemplateData of some of the templates. For those templates, you'll need to consult the documentation of the template, if any exists yet.
Can I use the same templates as on the old Wiki? Mostly. However, there are several differences which will get documented soon.
What happened to the editor? Because we moved to a new host, the editor on Wikia needed a replacement as the editor is a modified version of VisualEditor, so we installed the clean version of VisualEditor. The user interface should basically remain the same.