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Thunderbirds101 was the founder of the old TTSC Wiki (A.K.A. Microsoft Sam and his Fellow TTS Voices Wiki). However, he has decided to not sign up for an account on this wiki for the time being. (If you wish to contact him, he is usually active on Discord.) He is best known for his text-to-speech videos on his YouTube channel. His channel has surpassed 10,000 subscribers as of August 2015. Some of his video creations include the Microsoft Sam reads Stupid and Weird Signs series, Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (Thunderbirds101) series, as well as more than 200+ videos he has uploaded.



Back when Thunderbirds101 first joined YouTube on May 19, 2008, he had no intention of uploading videos of any kind. His first upload wasn't until June 23, 2008 (Microsoft Sam reads Stupid and Weird Signs). During this time, his channel had no real branding; instead, he took images and wallpapers from various video games and movies for his channel background and channel icon.

YouTube work

Series by Thunderbirds101
Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (Thunderbirds101) Exactly what it says on the tin. Airs weekly on Saturdays.

Microsoft Sam reads Stupid and Weird Signs

Exactly what is says on the tin. Airs occasionally.

Microsoft Sam reads Funny Engrish

Reading poorly translated signs. Airs occasionally.

Blue Screen of Death (sketch comedy series)

Sketch comedy series. Airs occasionally.

Microsoft Sam reads Signs and Errors

Exactly what it says on the tin. Airs biweekly on Thursdays.)

Microsoft Sam Plays (Thunderbirds101)

Microsoft Sam plays computer games. Airs occasionally.

He has created more than two hundred videos. Many of his videos have received 10,000 plus views, while one - the original Microsoft Sam reads Stupid and Weird Signs - has collected over 450,000 views, currently standing as the most popular "Microsoft Sam reads Signs" video on YouTube in that category. He originally planned to upload "Microsoft Sam reads 10,000 digits of Pi" as his first video, but decided against it at the last minute. A few days after the original Stupid and Weird Signs video, he released the first video in the "Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Error Messages" miniseries, another series that became popular, especially parts two and four. After the miniseries ended, Thunderbirds101 began the very popular series Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (Thunderbirds101).

Subscriber count

Within the first week on YouTube, he had a grand total of 3 subscribers. In July, two months later, that number rose slightly to 7. By November, the number leaped to 114. By June 2009, the number blasted past the 500 subscriber mark. On October 2, 2009, at 5:15 PM PDT, his channel smashed the 1000 subscriber count, RIOTAGAINSTWMG being the 1000th subscriber. On April 28, 2010, his channel smashed the 2000 subscriber milestone, and by July 2010, cruised to 2600+ subscribers. By July 2011, his channel had collected over 5500 subscribers, on pace to break the 6000 subscriber mark by possibly late August. In 2012 and in 2014, his channel lost hundreds of subscribers following a purge under YouTube's subscriber cleansing system (something YouTube is still notorious for even today). In August 2015 he entered the five-digit subscriber club with 10,000 subscribers.