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Timeline of the Earth 2 Storyline

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This is a documented and complete timeline of events for The Earth 2 Storyline in text-to-speech videos. Written and edited by MrEASlol and Pieboy6000.

Year: 2009

  • The Original Planet Earth is destroyed by the Diarrhea Death Star operated by Devil’s Hell Star.
  • Earth 2 is created officially shortly after, with many nations settling land on the newer world.
  • Devil’s Hell Star is eventually slain by Microsoft Sam.
  • Jokermingo0044 is slain and the Diarrhea Death Star II is destroyed by Microsoft Sam.

Year: 2010

  • Earth 2 enjoys one of its first eras of peace as many get used to the new world and rebuild following Earth's destruction.

Year: 2011

  • The War in the Republic of My begins this year when the Communist Linux Penguin Army (CLPA) and their leader The Supreme AI assassinate the leader of North My, taking control of the country and staging a full invasion of South My, it falls within hours. It ends in the same year with The Supreme AI being destroyed on the Diarrhea Death Star.
  • Later in this year, a continent is discovered in the South Atlantic which was shrouded in dense mists, It is known as Minecraft, and a civil war between the north and southern ends of the continent nation breaks out, lead by a sibling of the Supreme AI known as The Evil Mainframe. A man known as EASlol leads the charge and ends up defeating the evil counterpart AI and reunites Minecraft, taking leadership of the country. Forming The Republic of Minecraft, which eventually becomes a massive global superpower.

Year: 2012

  • Scottyvich Baloneykov, the twin brother of Radar Overseer Scotty, along with a gang of murderous militants known as The Soviet LULZ Brigade begin terrorizing the world, utilizing an alliance with North Korea to seize a chain of Islands known as The ROFL Island Chain. This begins the War in The ROFL Island Chain, it ends with the rebirth of the Supreme AI, the destruction of Europe and Asia from Nuclear Weaponry and the forces of hell using a cleanser on the planet, killing 95% of the population.
  • With 95% of the population wiped out by The Cleanser. This begins The Great Final War. It ends when Microsoft Sam and his gang time travel to a parallel universe, destroying the Supreme AI in the past, as well as the forces of hell. As a result, clones of Sam and his gang also return to the primary timeline.
  • The rest of this year is spent recovering the planet and populating it from the Cleanser and wars. Population is booming across the world by the end of this year.

Year: 2013

  • The United States of America is turned into a dictatorship by its leader Thunderbirds101, and stages an invasion of Canada, conquering it. The United States now holds most of North America.
  • The Great European Invasion begins, causing most of the continent to fall under American Rule as well as many other superpowers.
  • Most of this year is quiet until August, when a renegade russian hatches a plan to dominate the world using Psychic Energies. He is known as Yuri, a war breaks out known as The Psychic Dominator Disaster, with Yuri’s eventual “demise” in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil after a nuclear detonation destroys the city.
  • This same year during the Psychic Dominator Disaster, a large army of militants orchestrate a battle to lure an Ion Cannon Strike on Destari, causing a massive explosion and spreading an alien element across the globe. This army of militants became known as The Brotherhood of Nod and the element became known as Tiberium. This sparked a conflict known as The First Tiberium War. Shortly after, an alliance of many nations across Earth 2 was formed, becoming The Global Defense Initiative. An Alien Race also known as The Scrin arrives on Earth 2, and begins destroying cities across the globe, all while building many megastructures in tiberium patches across the planet. These became known as Threshold Towers, 19 were constructed, 18 were destroyed and 1 survived. The Scrin retreat and are not seen again for another year.
  • At the end of the First Tiberium War, following the battle for Threshold-19, Nod and GDI would be severely damaged and weakened due to the bulk of their forces being destroyed by a mothership blast. The CLPA would return under the leadership of a third counterpart known as The Elite AI. and conquer Earth 2 in its weakened state, establishing a capital in northern Ukraine, calling it “City-17”. It is ended after a superportal caused by the destruction of the city is sealed, and The Brotherhood of Nod sends a World Altering Missile to Mars in a failed attempt to sabotage GDI's attempts. Mars is covered in Tiberium upon detonation, ending the CLPA threat once and for all. Remnants still remained after this, but the CLPA would never have the strength to challenge Earth 2 again.

Year: 2014

  • The Second Tiberium War begins this year, with the leader of Nod, Kane, supposedly slain and the launch of a World Altering Missile prevented after a raid on Kane’s base and Temple Prime. Nod falls under the leader of Anton Slavik, a determined Nod fanatic and a leader close to Kane.
  • The Firestorm Crisis begins after the collapse of Kane’s rule. The Brotherhood of Nod’s main AI, CABAL, begins a full-on cyborg revolution with the intent of slaughtering mankind and taking the World. The AI is put down not long after, and the machine armies shut down. Nod is left as a shell of its former self, and goes quiet.
  • The Third Tiberium War begins in the middle of this year, with the Return of Kane and the re-rise of Nod. After guerrilla operations to cover for their return to power goes well, Kane leads the Brotherhood to a massive assault on a GDI base in Kamchatka. The fight results in the destruction of all GDI forces in the region, and the acquisition of the Tacitus, an artifact of immense knowledge. It ends with a decisive Nod victory and the points for a great final battle.
  • The Fourth and Final Tiberium War begins in the fall of this year. Tiberium infestation of the planet was reaching critical levels, and it was decided that Nod and GDI must put their differences aside to figure out how to finally rid themselves of this problem. Kane and Director Redstar of GDI form an alliance, but Microsoft Mike rebels, taking a section of GDI rogue soldiers and sabotaging operations. Various Nod splinter factions also break off, and the Forgotten are left leaderless after the Tacitus is stolen by them. GDI & Nod forces quickly route them and regain the artifact. The Scrin then return after a years absence and begin wreaking havoc on the world yet again. Kane and his followers eventually activate Threshold-19, after a bombshell by Director Redstar that he had joined the brotherhood and he would be going with Kane. Kane and his followers ascend by activating the Scrin Tower with the Tacitus, also causing all Tiberium on the planet to vanish from existence instantly, but this in turn leaves the planet in a ruinous post-war state that faced a long road to recovery.
  • As a result of the eradication of Tiberium, all tech that uses it to function immediately stops working, disabling the GDI Ion Cannon System forever. The environmental damage will not be repaired until a great terraforming expedition five years later.

Year: 2015

  • Director Redstar returns after months of absence from Earth 2 after ascension and takes control of the USSR yet again. A brief civil war breaks out in Russia, but is quickly subdued by the psionic Premier Redstar.
  • Much of the planet still lies in ruins as recovery efforts continue.
  • The Republic of Minecraft stages an invasion of Brazil and conquers most of the country in search of resources, but pulls out due to threats from the USSR.
  • The Global Defense Initiative, now with tiberium eliminated, is dissolved.
  • Knowing the Scrin would likely return in the future, The Global Superpowers established a treaty as well as a 5-10 Mile DMZ (Demilitarization Zone) around the perimeter of Threshold-19 with the highest tech of weapons pointed at it. Teams are also sent in to evaluate and map the area in detail. It is stated in the treaty that any unauthorized personnel entering the DMZ are to be terminated by sniper fire without question. Should the Threshold activate at any time, a protocol known as LEGIONNAIRE-5 is to be carried out, which is essentially attack the tower in an attempt to destroy what's coming through it. Scientists globally and on the site begin working tirelessly on figuring out a way to destroy the tower and end the Scrin Threat once and for all. Bosnia is also invaded and occupied by The Republic of Minecraft, The United States, the United Kingdom and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and divided into four occupational zones, ensuring that Bosnia will remain secure no matter what threat befells Earth 2.

Year: 2016

  • The Republic of Minecraft collapses due to a revolution lead by EASlol’s Daughter, Jasmine. EASlol was killed in the fighting and Lolcraftia was destroyed by a large nuclear weapon dropped by the USSR. The Continent is then annexed by their southern neighbor Kanto.
  • Halcyon is destroyed by the USSR in a nuclear bombardment, killing most if not all occupants on the Island nation and leaving it a radioactive wasteland.
  • The United Speakonian Soviet Republic dissolves after a civil war, establishing the Russian Federated States. Redstar goes missing.
  • Vancouver is destroyed by the Americans after a stand off between their troops and Russian soldiers stationed at the Pieboy Tower, following the Soviet dissolution. After Russian troops refuse to stand down, the Imperious fires its main guns and devastates the city, plummeting relations between the two nations. The Second Cold War begins.

Year: 2017

  • No real notable events this year, aside from the reconstruction efforts underway by global powers in the Post Tiberium Era.

Year: 2018

  • The Minecraftian Continent is shattered by a massive disaster aka A dark energy flare caused by a dark energy core buried beneath the ruins of Lolcraftia finally detonating, this destroys most of the continent, sinking it into the ocean and creating gigantic megatsunami waves, which destroy the nations of Kanto, Destari, Pandaria and Northrend, as well as decimating many Atlantic Coastlines. Estimated losses of life on the Minecraftian continent alone reach 200 million people, while global losses mount to nearly 1 billion. What remains of the Minecraftian Continent remain habitable.
  • EASlol returns this year, revealing the person killed 2 years prior was a clone implanted by Hell, and he had been imprisoned. EASlol was pardoned for his crimes, and re-assumed leadership of The Republic of Minecraft as well as re-establishing the nation itself, this country also enters a more isolationist state, cutting off all contact with the rest of the world and focusing on recovering their own nation and developing new, less dangerous technology.

Year: 2019

  • Earth 2 is mostly re-terraformed, and most areas affected by Tiberium can now be settled and rebuilt.
  • The Republic of Minecraft finally re-opens its borders after a year of Isolation, but are still wary of outsiders.

Year: 2020

  • Rurik Stelarikov, or RedStar, returns to lead a full scale civil war against the Russian Federated States. After a long siege in Moscow during January, the Nationalist government collapses and free elections are held. Despite everything, RedStar wins the vote with the Communist Party, and promptly establishes the Second Soviet Union. Within the space of a few months, the Soviet Union annexes many surrounding neighbours after engineered communist revolutions in their nations, bringing the union to its greatest ever extent.
  • The Empire of Neo-Tamriel is discovered on a continent in the Central Atlantic Ocean, it is ruled by an Empress only known as Reyfa, and it possesses vast ancient mythical knowledge. It quickly establishes diplomatic relations with the rest of Earth 2.
  • Rapid Technological Advancements are made this year, with several new nations emerging as superpowers.
  • In November of this year, several nations unite into one, creating the Central Balkan Union and the United Persian States. They begin to adapt accordingly to their unity, focusing on their internal matters, as well a securing their borders. Aggressive German Expansion under Germany's new leader, TheROFL98, occurs. Germany invades and conquers many nations of Europe in an unpresidented invasion not seen in years. Croatia, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austira, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia all fall under German Rule, reforming a reborn German Empire. This Military Dictatorship begins rapid arms advancements as well as attempting to ease tensions in Europe by ceasing its invasions, instead focusing on its internal matters. The United States responds to the German Aggression by invading and annexing Greenland to prevent it from falling under German control.