Windows XP

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Windows XP is an operating system released by Microsoft on August 24th, 2001. It was the primary choice of computer OS for many users. It stopped receiving security and feature updates on April 8th, 2014. This OS is mainly used by Microsoft Sam during both Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors, Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (The nkrs200 Series), and Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (Thunderbirds101).

Windows XP's successor was Windows Longhorn, which became Windows Vista.

Pre-Windows XP

Windows XP was codenamed Whistler, and was going to be the first Windows home and business hybrid operating system, following the cancellation of Microsoft Neptune, a home version of Windows 2000, and Windows Odyssey, a Windows 2000 OS made specifically for businesses. Microsoft would then merge the two into codename Whistler, which was originally planned as a Windows 2000 hybrid operating system. During the time of Whistler's development, Microsoft released Windows ME, codename Millennium Edition. This was the consumer version of Windows 2000. The OS was doomed from the start.