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Microsoft Sam (Speech Articulation Module) is the famous Text-to-speech voice included with Windows XP (SAPI 5) and Windows 2000 (SAPI 4), who is also included in the TTS Programs Speakonia, and Balabolka, but his speech patterns differ from his SAPI 5 version. Sam is a speech synthesizer provided for use with applications that use the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI), known for appearing in hundreds of YouTube videos in which he sings, read errors and/or signs, does voice-overs, plays games, directs a dozen of logos/intros, hates shorts, etc.

Thunderbirds101's concept of Microsoft Sam. This concept is used by a few other TTS YouTubers, but other concepts exist, too.


Microsoft Sam was actually a normal sentient program back in his early days. He was born in an early beta of Windows 2000 (or NT 5.0), and later he transferred to Speakonia, where he met his friends/siblings/kids, Microsoft Mike and Microsoft Mary. After hanging out for a while, Sam and Mary started to date, but the relationship did not last, and they broke up. Sam was so depressed that he accidentally walked in front of a truck carrying ROFLcopter fuel, which damaged his right eye, and infected his speech processor, making him say the infamous "soi". Sam and his friends then decided it was time to move away from Speakonia, and ventured into the real world, and that's where they met Thunderbirds101 and many other Text-to-speech officers. They were warmly welcomed aboard the Interview with a YouTuber (IWAY) by Domingo0022, and their adventures began.


Sam's personality differs from TTS video maker to TTS video maker, but in general, he is known to be very angry and violent, often seriously hurting and sometimes killing others for petty reasons in his rage. Other times, he just does it because he feels like it, such as when he can't read errors/signs/etc. and somebody else temporarily takes over. He will come back and murder this person and take back his place. He shows no remorse for doing this whatsoever, and somehow rarely gets in trouble for it, except in davemadson's series'.

Aside from reading errors and signs, Microsoft Sam has done all sorts of strange wacky things, like watching videos and commenting on them. He has also been known to go on adventures with Microsoft Mike and Mary (sometimes with Anna, and in one series, IVONA Eric).

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