AT&T Charles

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[[#ref_{{{1}}}|^]] AT&T Charles is a text-to-speech voice that first appeared in the Season 3 finale of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors. In the Season 3 Finale of Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors, he was sent as Akriloth2160's assassin to kill Scotty, but he was infected by the Really Sucky Virus.

He Then Appeared As Weegee 25,000 in Weegee 25,000 Attacks emergencyranger88tv, and then appeared as the Devils Hell Star in the sequel. AT&T Charles is 1 of the voices on the site called Aside from this, AT&T Charles also does the voice of Mr. Cement Mixer, Aaron Jackson from Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures, Corn Cobman, the Wizard of Balls, and one of the heroes from The Evil YouTuber Hating Alliance. He is known for saying phrases like, "bum BUM", "Huge Jet Plane", "Then Over" and many other funny phrases. His laugh, particularly during his early stages of development, is arguably the funniest one of all.