Radar Overseer Scotty

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Thunderbirds101's concept of Radar Overseer Scotty. other concepts exist, too.

Radar Overseer Scotty (known as Scotty) is a personification of the "TruVoice American Male #1" voice (Peter) first coined by Akriloth2160 in a reading stupid signs video in the first episode of The Epic War. The voice later appeared as Microsoft Joe in Thunderbirds101's Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors series in S3EP1, eventually become a main character in his videos. His nickname as "Radar Overseer" comes from the role he played in The Epic War, where he was the lead (and at the time, only) team member on board the Microsoft Voice Military's main radar tower. Since his creation, many YouTubers in the TTS community have been referring to their own created Speakonia voices as Radar Overseers.

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