Bacon (Thunderbirds101)

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Bacon is a member of Roflcopter Squad and operates under the callsign Roflcopter 2. He first appeared in Episode 4 of Thunderbirds101's series The War in the ROFL Island Chain, where he was sent aboard a LOL-130 cargo plane to the ROFL Island Chain as part of Operation Island Liberation, along with Microsoft Sam, Radar Overseer Scotty, Diarrhea, Taco, and Chainsaw. His motto is "Bacon. Bacon. Needs more bacon. Wrap everything in bacon. Life Is bacon. Bacon bacon." Like his name and motto show, he's obsessed with bacon to the point of it being a fetish. His voice is American Voice #3 low pitched and fast.


He also has bacon (like the name says) wrapped to his forehead and holding a silenced sub-machine gun. (MP5SD and in the Shelltoon depiction, MP5)

In the Microsoft SamĀ“s Canada Day Special 2012, Sam mentions that Bacon is a soldier working under his command.

Bacon has noted that if you or someone touches his bacon he will drown the person in his toilet which is infested with bacon grease. This is similar to the behavior of Microsoft Sam. If you touch Sam's tacos without permission, he will shove you down his diarrhea infested toilet.