Welcome to the experimental TTSCpedia Blog!

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I'm a heavy contributor to the TTSCpedia, having created the Cali skin and the Michigan skin.

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Happy 1st Birthday, TTSCpedia!
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Welcome to the experimental TTSCpedia Blog!
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Even though the poll regarding the blog was a tie, I figured I'd enable it just for the English TTSCpedia anyway.

Yes, we're aware the blog on the old TTS Wiki wasn't used that much, but it's good to have it enabled here just as an experiment for now.

Feel free to write your own posts if you ever need to ramble about something here! Keep in mind that you do need to have a verified email on your account in order to write blog posts.

By the way, the default skin we're using isn't fully optimized for the blog yet, so expect some rough edges!

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