Happy 1st Birthday, TTSCpedia!

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I'm a heavy contributor to the TTSCpedia, having created the Cali skin and the Michigan skin.

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Happy 1st Birthday, TTSCpedia!
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Welcome to the experimental TTSCpedia Blog!
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The TTSCpedia is now officially one year old! Let's recap what happened within this first year!

The TTSCpedia was originally TheROFLpedia before the official launch, and was going to be initially all about the universe of TheROFL98. This was short-lived, and the wiki was ignored to the point where it was overrun with spammers. Then, a suggestion was made within the TTSC to create a replacement for the TTSC Wikia, and TheROFL98 offered to turn TheROFLpedia into "the TTSCpedia", a name I, FairPlay137, suggested for this new wiki. And that's where it all began.

At the beginning of the TTSCpedia's life, the default skin was Vector, the primary skin for Wikipedia as well as many other newly created wikis. Then, I created the Michigan skin, which was the dark themed skin built for the TTSCpedia. It was ultimately replaced with the Cali skin, which was based off of the Nimbus skin. The Cali skin is still the desktop default on the TTSCpedia even to this day. A custom mobile-friendly skin was planned, but never finished.

Development on an Android app for the TTSCpedia was started (based off of the Wikipedia app), but there were many technical issues with the backend which prevented the app from working correctly.

Over the last year, 183 articles were created, 306 users signed up, 323 files were uploaded, and ~6,500 edits were done.


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