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Brutus (TheAudio177)

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Brutus (TheAudio177)
Brutus (TheAudio177)
Friends:TheChaos771, Freddy (TheAudio177), Horror Bot 888, etc.
Enemies:Microsoft Sam (TheAudio177), Microsoft Mike (TheAudio177), Microsoft Mary (TheAudio177), Microsoft David (TheAudio177), Natural Microsoft Sam (TheAudio177), Natural Microsoft Mike (TheAudio177), Natural Microsoft Mary (TheAudio177), TheAudio177, etc.

Brutus is a character in TheAudio177's universe. He serves as an antagonist in the Microsoft Sam Stories series. He is the leader of the Notorious Serial Assassins (NSA). He is voiced by Brutus himself (Who voiced the National Security Agency). He first appeared in Microsoft Sam Stories Season 1 Episode 3: The Wrath of The NSA When he pretended to be an NSA Agent (Although it turns out that it was just a dream of Sam's) and revealed himself in Microsoft Sam Stories Season 1 Episode 5: The Notorious Serial Assassins (Part 1)