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Microsoft Sam (TheAudio177)

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Microsoft Sam (TheAudio177)
TheAudio177 TTS' concept of Microsoft Sam used from March 13, 2019-present (Concept only by TheAudio177 TTS, no using this concept unless if you're collaborating with him.).
Friends/Relatives:Microsoft Mike (TheAudio177), Microsoft Mary (TheAudio177), Microsoft David (TheAudio177), Natural Microsoft Sam (TheAudio177), Natural Microsoft Mike (TheAudio177), Natural Microsoft Mary (TheAudio177), TheAudio177, etc.
Enemies:Notorious Serial Assassins (NSA) Brutus (TheAudio177) TheChaos771, etc

Microsoft Sam (of TheAudio177) is a character in TheAudio177's universe. He serves as a Protagonist in the Microsoft Sam Stories series as the Co-Leader of TheAudioTeam. He is known for calling the obsession characters' obsessions bullshit, and like other Microsoft Sams, he likes IWAY Cookies and Tacos, dislikes Baloney Sandwiches, reads errors, insults Mike a lady, and is immortal.


  • He was called a lady ONCE by Mike. This is only because Mike wanted revenge, Starting a fight between the two, making Mike being hospitalized. He recovered later on, hence starting the Microsoft Sam Stories series.
  • It appears that this Sam has a crush, but it only appears to be an insult and a running gag in Microsoft Sam Reads Something Errorific series.