Guru Meditation

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Guru Meditation Logo
The current logo of Guru Meditation
Guru Meditation
Created by Mochirisu
Production Run6/25/19 - Present
Series Playlist[1]

Guru Meditation is a TTS sketch comedy created by Mochirisu, intended to replace their TTS Shorts.

Each episode usually consists of three huge skits, plus several other smaller skits, acted out by Microsoft Sam, his friends, and others. This series was delayed constantly since its announcement back in 2014, however, it finally premiered on June 25, 2019.

Like Thunderbirds101's Blue Screen of Death, the series is named after a serious computer error in real life, a Guru Meditation is an AmigaOS error and is considered an earlier form of the infamous BSoD found on Windows computers.


* - Unaired episode's airdate might be subjected to change
^ - Minor skit

Episode Synopsis Airdate

Episode 1: "Don't P*** off the EAS Guy"

Skits featured:
SSC News - WTF Train Pile-up^,
The Bathroom is Off Limits,
Commercial - OMGLOLMyEyesHurtTakeMeToAnOptometrist Graphics Card,
EAS Alert - Disgruntled EAS Guy During a Tornado Warning
June 25, 2019

Episode 2: TBA

Skits featured:
TBA, will include Rejected Windows Versions 2

July 8, 2019*