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Guru Meditation
Created by Mochirisu
Production Run6/25/19 - Present
Series Playlist[1]

Guru Meditation is a TTS sketch comedy created by Mochirisu, intended to replace their TTS Shorts.

Each episode usually consists of three huge skits, plus several other smaller skits, acted out by Microsoft Sam, his friends, and others. This series was delayed constantly since its announcement back in 2014, however, it finally premiered on June 25, 2019.

Like Thunderbirds101's Blue Screen of Death, the series is named after a serious computer error in real life, a Guru Meditation is an AmigaOS error and is considered an earlier form of the infamous BSoD found on Windows computers.


* - Unaired episode's airdate might be subjected to change
^ - Minor skit

Episode Synopsis Airdate

Episode 1: "Don't P*** off the EAS Guy"

Skits featured:
SSC News - WTF Train Pile-up^,
The Bathroom is Off Limits,
Commercial - OMGLOLMyEyesHurtTakeMeToAnOptometrist Graphics Card,
EAS Alert - Disgruntled EAS Guy During a Tornado Warning
June 25, 2019

Episode 2: "Contact-leaking Hurricanes"

Skits featured:
Commercial - Illumineti,
Canadian Prime Minister upgrades to iOS 13,
Commercial - Trash Cans R Us,
Microsoft Mark fails at working at Taco Loco,
Vote Deez Buns,
Hurricane on a ship,
Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Error Messages Mini,
EAS Alert - Microsoft Sam's Poisonous Farts

Oct 20, 2019

Episode 3: "COPPA Cop Black Friday"

Skits featured:
SSC News - California Wildfire Crisis,
Mall of Roflica on Black Friday,
YouTube's New Terms,
Random Totally Factual Facts^,
This video is brought you by Fuckahoe^,
Microsoft Sam tries to go to the VIP Bathroom,
EAS Alert - Small Craft Warning, Nobody gives a flying fuck warning

Dec 24, 2019

Episode 4: "Weedy New War"

Skits featured:
Groovy New Year
Senate Room of the US Capital,
Microsoft Sam and the War in The Republic of Unshmexy Pr0nz,
This video is brought you by Intercourse^,
Commercial - Galactic IWAY Cookies^,
President Dump - Nuked Iran,
EAS Alert - The Iranian Nuclear War

Jan 30, 2020

Episode 4: "*Insert Unfunny C***D-19 Joke Here*" (watch)

Skits featured:
Microsoft Sam Spoils Star Wars Episode X^,
SSC News - E3 Gets Canceled,
Why North Korea is so F*****-up,
Taco-Con 2020 Gets Canceled^,
2020: The Year That's Not Happening,
This video is brought you by Dildo, CA
EAS Alert - Wyoming is doomed.

May 4, 2020