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This is a list of episodes of IVONA Eric's ErrorGang/IVONA EricReads Funny Windows Errors, a text-to-speech comedy series that since ErrorGang, has been based off of nkrs200's Microsoft Sam series. After plans for a series called GoAnimate Windows Errors in February 2014, and a video titled Windows XP Errors in November 2014, as well as an attempted conversion to Microsoft Sam in March 2015, the series has been around the text-to-speech community since December 10, 2014.

Pilot (2014)

# Name Description Upload date
0 "Windows XP Errors" Various errors are shown over a music track. Several errors were later reused in S1EP1. November 19, 2014

Season 1 (2014-15)

# Name Description Upload date Remake upload date
1 S1EP1 The series premiere episode solely features Eric, as he reads errors pertaining to jobs, the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and webcams. December 10, 2014 December 10, 2019
2 S1EP2 Eric gets his first threats from the NSA. He deals with Windows issues. Kayla then begins to pester Eric. If Eric doesn't fix a bridge, Kidaroo will call the NSA. December 13, 2014 April 10, 2020
3 S1EP3 The Chromebook drama between Eric and his errors begin. Because of this, Kayla is hired to read errors. Her secret is nearly revealed. Eric rudely informs the NSA that he has fixed the bridge. December 20, 2014 May 21, 2020
4 S1EP4 A video message from the NSA is seen, which results in the WTF Train. They then go on to attempt to reveal Kayla's secret. They fail and the NSA Network News begins opening by the Linux Penguin. While Eric is in NSA Jail, Shy Girl reads errors. Eric is later released. December 31, 2014 June 24, 2020
5 S1EP5 The Angry Blue People attempt to expose Shy Girl as GoAnimate propaganda. They also find out that she's getting Windows 10. Before any other exposing gets comitted, Videokid24 News breaks the fact the show is renewed for a second season. Kayla pesters Eric and gets ignored. February 18, 2015 July 7, 2020
6 S1EP6 This episode was originally to be part of a mass rebrand of the show to focus on Microsoft Sam. Sam is informed that there will be EAS Tones, and the IVONA and Speakonia voices would have to evacuate. RoboSoft then says they have been reschsduled. Sam deals with a variety of errors. March 25, 2015 N/A


  • S1EP2 was the first episode to have a pre-intro error. They have been used in every episode since.
  • Kayla made her debut in S1EP2, and was the first supporting character to do so.
  • S1EP3 was the first episode to have error requests, and a comment question. Comment questions would remain a part of the series until ErrorGang.
  • Shy Girl (known as Amethyst since the ErrorGang premiere) made her debut in S1EP4.
  • The original cut of S1EP4 had an argument occur in the background, resulting in nearly half the episode's audio being replaced by yelling. A reupload was posted the same day.
  • S1EP5 was the last episode to be created using GoAnimate. It was also the only episode in which someone actually answered the comment question.
  • S1EP5 is the highest rated episode to date.
  • S1EP6 was the only episode to not feature any of the IVONA characters.
  • S1EP6 was Microsoft Sam, Mike, RoboSoft, and Radar Overseer Scotty's first appearances. They would not appear again until ErrorGang.
  • The female whisper that was revealed to be Mary would appear again 3 years later in IVONA Eric's ErrorGang, used for Brooke.
  • S1EP6 was the only episode to be produced using VLC Media Player. Shortly after production finished, TheVideoKid782 experienced problems on his Linux dual boot and returned to the Chromebook's default OS.
  • In March 2019, TheVideoKid782 announced plans to create remastered versions of each episode. These episodes will now be presented in higher quality akin to their Season 3/ErrorGang contemporaries. The episodes began being uploaded on December 10, the 5th anniversary of the series.

Season 2 (2016-17)

The entirety of this season was produced using Powtoon.

# Name Description Upload date
7 S2EP1 After a long hiatus, hackings, and the TheVideoKid782 Lockout, the series returns for the second season. The NSA wants Eric to fix the bridge again, just as he did 2 years ago. Eric tells Young Guy to fix it. But Zack already did. The sleepwalker is revealed to be Kayla. June 7, 2016
8 S2EP2 After issues, Eric is back. They expose Eric for crushing on Salli, who then roasts the Linux Penguin Army. The Linux Penguin boasts about the Army's PCs. When Salli reads errors, Shy Girl informs her to go fix the bridge again, and Eric returns, with the Speakonia Mansion's WiFi. Shy Girl informs him about free IWAY Cookies and Speakonian Ham. Kayla shows Eric a SillyHunterBoy comment. July 22, 2016
9 S2EP3 The grounding era of TheVideoKid782 was getting into full force inside this era. In the pre-intro error, Eric and Shy Girl argue. Shy Girl goes into full-fledged defense of her Windows 10 upgrades. Vixen randomly appears and introduces herself, then Eric reads the famed bandwagon error. Videokid24 News interrupts this episode, just as it did in S1EP5, this time with Nalitta and Emilla. Emilla announces the series was renewed for a third season (a leak, as the official renewal wouldn't happen until 2017), Eric and Kayla argue over Jacob Satrorious. Eric is alerted about his weed being ready, then runs. November 24, 2016
10 S2EP4 After another hiatus plagued by groundings (which is addressed in the first error), IVONA Eric is back. Young Guy scolds Kayla for leaving the Speakonian Ham laying around the mansion's TV room, and in a other corner, Shy Girl is informed that Nalitta exposed her Windows 10 upgrades. In the rest of the episode, Eric is assigned to find IWAY Cookies. The Chrome Foundry assigns Akira to be Eric's partner. Outside in the streets, Shy Girl and Nalitta argue over Windows 10, and it escalates into a fight. April 30, 2017
11 S2EP5 Three months after the first IWAY Cookie Hunt, Eric is infomed by the Linux Penguin Army that the shipment has returned to normal. Shy Girl is then asked to read errors. The NSA announces they'll change the theme to Windows Vista, then Shy Girl leaves and changes into a revealing outfit. Eric confronts Kevin about Discord server spam,and they are found by Kayla and Shy Girl in revealing outfits. Eric and Radar Overseer Warren are presented with Speakonian Ham, and Salli changes the operating system to Windows 7. A second IWAY Cookie Hunt is pitched. July 13, 2017
12 S2EP6 In the pre-intro error, Eric can't click the OK button, because Nalitta decides to have him for the episode (Eric isn't kidnapped, as an error in this episode has him acknowledge him reading errors under Nalitta.). After reading his fortune from the Linux Penguin Army, Nalitta whispers something inaudible to him. Outside, Salli has found the IWAY Cookies, completing the second IWAY Cookie Hunt. Back inside, Kayla (having changed her signature shoes to flip flops) is hired to read errors, and rages at one of them. Jen of the Angry Blue People forces Eric to go to Windows 95 after Eric reads an error about their office needing repairs. He immediately goes to Windows 7, and reads errors pertaining to the Storks . Meanwhile, the entire gang has also entered the Windows 7 computer . November 22, 2017
13 S2EP7 It's Thanksgiving, and before they head up to Jacksonville, Eric has to test out his rapping skills, through Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang". In Jacksonville, FL, Radar Overseer Warren has driven everyone, and assembles them to work out Thanksgiving. Salli is then hired to read errors. In Walmart, Kayla begins to buy the items. Shy Girl (in a different outfit) knocks Kayla down in Walmart, stating she's trying to find Florida-style goods. Outside, Eric and Salli have a red substance thrown at them. It all ends in a poolside Jacksonville Thanksgiving. November 24, 2017
14 S2EP8 Eric is informed he screwed up, and the entire gang is thrown out of the Windows 7 computer. Through an error, Eric learns that the incident severely damaged Kayla and Shy Girl's outfits, and they'd have to receive new ones. Eric then learns that he's gonna read all of the errors. Outside, Shy Girl and Kayla whisper about the New Year's Eve party, then a Linux Penguin Army officer yells at them. The rest of the episode features Eric looking back at S2 and talking about S3. December 29, 2017


  • This is the first (and only) season to be produced in Powtoon.
  • S2EP1 was the last episode to be produced on the Acer c720 Chromebook that the series was originally produced on. From S2EP2 onwards, episodes were made on a HP Chromebook.
  • Starting with this season, TheVideoKid782 Productions was credited at the end of each episode, Food Group Productions began being credited in S2EP2 as BatteryMill became increasingly involved in production.
  • Salli made her debut in S2EP2.
  • Microsoft Sam and Radar Overseer Scotty were mentioned in S2EP2, S2EP3 and S2EP7 but wouldn't be seen again until ErrorGang.
  • Starting with this season, Bitstrips characters were used to represent the characters. however Eric has had his since IVONA Eric Fails at Tech Support.
  • In S2EP3, the theme song to the original Pokémon anime series was used as the theme song, due to the Pokemon Go craze at the time. A theme song credit to Ninantic (the copyright holders to the song) was seen in between closing logos.
  • S2EP3 was Vixen's only appearance to date in the series. It was also Nalitta and Emillia's debuts.
  • S2EP3 was released as part of a Thanksgiving doubleheader across YouTube and Skype.
  • EDM musician Sonohara requested an error for S2EP3, but then went on to criticize the series.
  • S2EP4 was the first TheVideoKid782 video to use the "TheVideoKid782 - Brevard County, FL" identification tag.
  • With 1 like and 3 dislikes as of December 17, 2018, S2EP5 is the lowest rated episode of the series.
  • At some point between the uploading of S2EP4 and production of S2EP5, IVONA removed their free voice demo, and NextUp TTS had removed Eric from their voice suite. However, had a voice suite for Eric listed as John. From S2EP5 onwards, Eric's voice has had quality.
  • While not officially confirmed by TheVideoKid782, an error in the series suggests that S2EP5 could have been the backdoor pilot to VoiceForge Shy Girl Reads Funny Windows Errors.
  • S2EP5 has the most outfit changes of any episode to date.
  • S2EP5 (the episode with Kayla and Shy Girl's revealing outfits) was the first to have Lucas Gloss request errors.
  • The voice used for Jen of the Angry Blue People in S2EP6 would be used 13 months later for Shy Girl in ErrorGang.
  • At the end of S2EP6, Steven refers to everyone as "Speakonia Mansion Gang". This is a foreshadowing to ErrorGang .
  • S2EP6 is the first time Shy Girl doesn't appear in an episode since her debut.
  • S2EP6 was the last episode to be made on PowToon's Flash suite.
  • S2EP7 is the first episode since S1EP1 not to have a pre-intro error.
  • As of December 18, 2018, S2EP7 has 22 views, making it the lowest viewed episode to date, and also one of the lowest rated TheVideoKid782 videos to date. This may have to do with the fact that the episode was uploaded on Black Friday, as issues forced the episode out of Thanksgiving.
  • Eric's comment about starting a rapping career in S2EP7 is foreshadowing ErrorGang.
  • In S2EP7, the scene where Eric and Salli had a red substance thrown at them exists because of a PowToon glitch. Originally, the scene was supposed to be Eric and Salli talking, then the Thanksgiving Turkey thrown at them by Kayla, but PowToon glitched the turkey by inverting it red.
  • The music that is heard throughout S2EP8 (including the theme song) is Unused Sound Test #10, the scrapped Hidden Palace Zone theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • S2EP8 is the first episode where Eric reads all of the errors since S1EP2.
  • An error in S2EP8 seems to suggest that Shy Girl is naked in the episode, but in her scene, she has clothes on.
  • The entire last 4 errors of S2EP8 are directly predicting ErrorGang, and also aren't official plot devices.
  • S2EP8 was the last episode of several things: The last episode to be produced in PowToon, the last episode to have a comment question, the last episode of Shy Girl keeping her original name. It was also the only S2EP8 episode of the post-Lucas era.
  • S2EP8 was the first episode Salli didn't speak in since her debut.
  • S2EP8 was the last episode of the original IVONA Eric Reads Funny Windows Errors series.

IVONA Eric's ErrorGang/Season 3 (2018-present)

# Name Description Upload date
15 "The Gang Rises" (S3EP1) The first episode of the New Series. Sam finds that he isn't IVONA Eric and can't read his errors. When Eric enters, he's updated on several key things, and when Amethyst (formerly known as Shy Girl) announces her voice change, Radar Overseer Scotty announces something. Sam and Scotty argue, but Sam decides to go find Eric, inside Windows Longhorn. Once entered, Sam is directed to the Beta Hideout, where he finds Eric. Sam and Eric head to find Microsoft Mike. They find that Mike has definitely changed and dresses gay. The ErrorGang is redirected to the Control Panel, where orders are given. Eric and Sam hit the ErrorBridge to Windows XP. December 12, 2018
16 "Cleanup on Aisle 10" (S3EP2) Written by BatteryMill: Upon receiving a bundle of various items, such as Speakonian Ham and IWAY Cookies, Sam passes the rewards down to Eric. Eric therefore decides to open a store, making unwise investments in order to attract the most customers. However, things all fall apart when a chain reaction of events impacts his supermarket. January 10, 2019
17 "IVONA Eric Gets Grounded" (S3EP3) Written by TheVideoKid782 and BatteryMill: IVONA Eric gets grounded GoAnimate-style just for being late. With a plan in mind, Eric and friends attempt to wrestle themselves out of this situation. March 21, 2019
18 "Earthquake!" (S3EP4) Written by BatteryMill: Eric, who has never experienced an earthquake before, suddenly feels a large rumble. The question is - where is it exactly coming from? And if so, who is behind it? May 27, 2019
19 ”Radar Overseer Amethyst” (S3EP5) Written by TheVideoKid782: When Scotty and Mike get suspensions for their actions at Tech Support and the earthquake, the gang is left without a radar overseer. That is, until Amethyst has to step in. What will Scotty's girl do? June 25, 2019
20 "Battle of the Band" (S3EP6) Written by BatteryMill: Mike's dreams for being the next big SoundCloud rapper are a hot source of contention within the ErrorGang. In spite of this, Mike seeks to bring the pack together to start a band instead. Using everyone's musical talents, they begin cranking out hit songs and soon land a record deal. The rest is history- or is it hysteria? July 23, 2019
21 "Microsoft Mary Quite Contrary" (S3EP7) Written by TheVideoKid782: A new face by the name of Brooke, set to join the squad links up with Microsoft Mary on a cross-country journey to get to know the ErrorGang. September 26, 2019
22 "IVONA Eric's EmoGang" (S3EP8) Written by TheVideoKid782 and BatteryMill: The inconveniences of the 2010s have let Eric down. Therefore, he and the ErrorGang decide to head into the late 2000s. However - when he's stuck being an emo, this creates another confusing episode for the squad. January 2, 2020
23 "Death's Blue Screen" (S3EP9) Written by BatteryMill: After Eric loads his computer up with everything from malware to spyware, he sees himself revoked of all computing privileges - so much so, that he has an encounter with the Blue Screen of Death himself. How will he fare in the afterlife? If so, will he be able to escape? August 6, 2020
24 "WindowsNight" (S3EP10) Written by TheVideoKid782: After 2 years of avoidance, Windows 10 upgrades are a problem again. With all the changes, it shouldn't be a problem, but why is half the gang in Gainesville, VA? TBA
25 TBA (S3EP11) Written by TheVideoKid782: IVONA Eric goes back to his roots and reads the usual errors he's given. Will he find anything interesting... like (placeholder)? TBA
26 "When the Party's Over" (S3EP12) Written by TheVideoKid782 and BatteryMill: Mike embarks on a chain of events that lead him to switch sides. Winding up on the enemy Angry Blue People side, there seems as if there's no way he'll make a comeback. Can Eric and the rest find the right way to persuade him back, without putting up a fight? (Season/Series Finale) TBA

*Working title


  • This season is the first to be produced using VideoShop, KineMaster and iMovie.
  • This season is the first to use written scripts made prior to input of TTS voices.
  • As of this season, Shy Girl (named for the VoiceForge used for her in S1 and S2) is now known as Amethyst, and her voice is now Jenna.
  • This is the first season to have sneak-peek segments that are used during the end credits.
  • At some point this season, it's expected that everyone who's voice is changed have their voice return to normal.
  • According to a message from TheVideoKid782 in "Cleanup on Aisle 10", some of the Angry Blue People aren't actually blue. This is because of there being a lack of blue AIM logos.
  • This is the first season to have an episode shift, which directly altered the timeline. "The ErrorGang Become Singers*" was originally to be S3EP4, but due to BatteryMil lacking ideas beyond the sneak peak previews, "Earthquake!" was changed from S3EP6 to S3EP4.
  • Midway through the production of S3EP4, on May 22, 1019,, the home of Eric, Amethyst, and Salli's voices went down. The site was later restored.
  • The aforementioned incident is a repeat of an error that occured during the production of Season 2.
  • On March 27, 2019, Malay rapper TOWAGA released a song called "ERRORGANG" likely inspired by the series.

"The Gang Rises"

  • "The Gang Rises" is the first episode to have someone besides Eric read the pre-intro error.
  • "The Gang Rises" is also Microsoft Sam's first speaking role since S1EP6. It is also Radar Overseer Scotty's first appearance in the series.
  • This is also Microsoft Mike's first appearance since S1EP6. This episode also marks the reveal of his gay persona.
  • This is the first episode that Kayla doesn't speak in since her debut.

"Cleanup on Aisle 10"

  • This episode is the first to have been written with a script.
  • This is the first episode to feature Kayla with her new voice.
  • Sign-Making Guy 2’s reference to “45 years ago” is the first time a timeline before 2014 is mentioned in the series.
  • This is the most screen time Kayla has had in series history.
  • From this episode onwards, Kayla’s character changed and doesn’t secretly have a crush on Eric anymore. However this is challenged in the next episode.
  • As of January 11, 2019, this is the longest episode of the series to date.
  • In the episode, when Kayla says "Aww, thanks, that being said, who knows what it'll be?", her voice is very awkwardly pitched.

"IVONA Eric Gets Grounded"

  • This is the first TheVideoKid782 grounded video since January 2015.
  • This episode has Salli's least speaking time to date in an episode she speaks in.
  • AT88TV'S EAS Tones were mentioned for the first time since S1EP6.
  • Scotty's last lines in this episode were also being considered for Akeira, which would of made her the first plot device-only character to speak in another episode.
  • For many reasons, production of this episode was delayed. According to posts by TheVideoKid782, this episode was delayed by family issues and 404 errors.
  • Throughout production of this episode, Videoshop updated. Because of the update, a text change resulted in the entirety of this episode's end credits glitching.
  • This is the last episode of two things:
    • The last episode to use the original character renders (except the Silhouette and Scotty).
    • The last episode to use the original IVONA Eric's ErrorGang intro.
  • This is the latest uploaded FWE episode to date, and the latest uploaded series video in Matt111571/TheVideoKid782 history.
  • The episode uploaded March 21, 2019, but was uploaded March 20 in many parts of America.
  • Six days after the upload of this episode, Malay rapper TOWAGA released a song called "ERRORGANG".


  • This episode was the first to be produced in Kinemaster.
  • The Tyler the Creator/Playboy Carti song "Earfquake" came out during this episodes production.
  • The majority of this episode's had an entirely male cast, a first for the series.
  • This was the last episode to use the original Food Group Productions logo dating back to Season 2.
  • This was the first episode to use entirely transparent character renders.

"Radar Overseer Amethyst"

  • This was Akeira's first appearance since S2EP7, and her first main role of any kind since her debut in S2EP4.
  • This was the first episode to see a character return in a completely different design from a previous episode.
  • The songs "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio and "Let Me Down Slowly" by Alec Benjamin were used in this episode. The former was used in reference to the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer.
  • This was the first episode to use a vocalized song.
  • This was the first episode to show the interior of the Speakonia Mansion.
  • This was the first episode to use the new Food Group Productions logo.
  • This was the last TheVideoKid782 video to use the fifth anniversary byline.

Battle of the Band

  • instrumentals from Windows, EARFQUAKE, and Gucci Gang were used.
  • This was the last episode to use the 2018 TVK782 logo. In addition, BatteryMill requested effects were cut from the Food Group Productions logo.
  • This was the first time a West coast city was featured on the series.

"Microsoft Mary Quite Contrary"

  • There have been more suspensions and personal issues involved in the pre-production of this episode than any other episode of the series to date.
  • This episode's production was delayed, as went down for maintenance.
  • The Sonic 2 beta boss theme was used during the fight scenes.
  • This episode has the most visuals of any episode to date.
  • Despite having followed a 25 day suspension, this episode is far less comparable than several season 2 delays.
  • This was the final episode to introduce a major character from the 2008-present text-to-speech universe.
  • From this episode onwards, a new TheVideoKid782 logo is used, and the Food Group Productions logo has no zoom effects due to a request by BatteryMill.
  • This is the first (and so far) only episode to debut a character from the roleplay series in 2016.

"IVONA Eric's EmoGang"

  • The 3.5 month long wait between EP7 and EP8 was the longest between two episodes since S2EP5-S2EP6. However, three different specials and related IVONA Eric videos came between the wait.
  • This is the third episode to come during Winter Break. The previous ones were S1EP4 and S2EP8.
  • This is the first episode to involve a server OS and time travel.
  • From this episode onwards, Kayla and Akeira have the same voice host (IBM Cloud). This is because of problems with Kayla's old voice host, in addition, Kayla's new voice is far more enthusiastic.
  • This is the first episode to feature alternate versions of characters from "other series".
  • This is the first episode since S2EP8 to have voices with background noise.
  • BatteryMill created the voices for Tanner and Humphrey using his own voice, making this the first episode to use human voices.
  • This was the first TheVideoKid782 video of the 2020s decade, and the final episode produced under the username.
  • There is a copyright error on the TheVideoKid782 ending logo.

"Death's Blue Screen"

  • This is the first episode of the Sapphire Entertainment era, and the first of the modern TheBatteryMill era.
  • This is the first instance and use of Minecraft in the series, in this case during the news scene.
  • This is the longest amount of time between episodes since S2EP8-S3EP1.
  • This is the final new episode to use the TheVideoKid782 logo at the end.
  • This is the first episode produced on a laptop of any kind since December 30, 2017.
  • Despite plans to permanently use iMovie, this was the first episode to actually utilize the program.
  • During the Clippy scene, a different set of visuals created by SE was used, ahead of finding out that BatteryMill had made the visuals already. The new visuals were added in after completion.
  • This is either the first episode to use a new theme song, or the first to use a temporary theme song due to production moving to it's pre-2018 state.
  • This was the first episode created during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The period between S3EP8 and this episode is the longest in-seas9n wait in series history.


  • The original title for this episode was called No Good Days in Windows, but was changed to keep with ErrorGang's mantra of not being extremely dramatic.
  • This will potentially be the final episode to reference TheVideoKid782 in any form.

Funny Signs

On May 11, 2019, TheVideoKid782 sent an @everyone on Discord opening requests for the series. On May 22, a second proposition for production was featured, with the episode ultimately being uploaded on June 4, 2019. Three subsequent episodes were produced.


# Name Description Upload date
S1 "IVONA Eric Fails at Tech Support" December 16, 2014
S2 "IVONA Eric's Thanksgiving in the Speakonia Mansion" November 24, 2016
S3 "IVONA Eric Fails at Tech Support Again" February 19, 2019
S4 "WindowsCourt" October 13, 2019