Microsoft Anna (Voice)

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Microsoft Anna
"Make your computer easier to use."
--Microsoft Anna speaking the Ease of Access dialog

Anna Speech Properties Windows 7.png Microsoft Anna as shown in Windows 7's Speech Properties window

Anna Speech Properties.png Microsoft Anna as shown in Windows Vista's Speech Properties window

Voice Info
Speech EngineSAPI 5 (Microsoft Mulan Engine)
Default Speed0
Default Pitch0
Bundled OSWindows Vista and 7
OS AvailabilityWindows Exclusive

Microsoft Anna (Voice) is a TTS (Text-to-Speech) voice introduced in Windows Vista and 7 with SAPI 5. The voice was created mainly to replace Microsoft Sam and rival Mac Alex. It is one of the most common voices used in the TTSC as she is known for her association with Windows Vista. Because this voice is bundled with Windows Vista, it has gained a pretty bad reputation. The voice also has it's fair share of mispronunciations which are (if not already) listed in this article.