Microsoft Sam (PixelartBuilder583)

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Microsoft Sam

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Microsoft Sam of PixelartBuilder583
Full NameSamuel Gregory Gates
BirthdateFebruary 17, 2000
RelativesMicrosoft Mike (brother),

Microsoft Mary (sister), Microsoft Anna (sister) (deceased), Natural Microsoft Sam (half-brother), Natural Microsoft Mike (half-brother), Natural Microsoft Mary (half-sister), Microsoft David Desktop (cousin),

Microsoft Zira Desktop (cousin)
TitlePresident and creator of The ROFL World
FriendsHis relatives, PixelartBuilder583, Jotegen, TheClassyScrub, Agent GL, Radar Overseer Scotty, Hacker Admin Kelly, Radar Overseer Robert, Zevilar, Kalvok, Junie, etc.
EnemiesNatural Microsoft Sam (formerly), Natural Microsoft Mike (formerly), Natural Microsoft Mary (formerly), Agent GL (formerly), Lucow Fozerrit, Doppler Overseer Scotty, Doppler Overseer Robert, AntiartDestroyer385, MechaartBuilder583, Robogen, TheClassyDroid, Dalton, Hacker Admin Jacob, Hacker Admin Kelly (formerly), the old NSA, Mager Whiz-ard (formerly), Microsoft Eva Mobile, Microsoft Mark Mobile, Satan, Taulus, etc.
InterestsGaming, reading signs and errors, trolling his friends, rubies, wood, owning loads of mobs, riding Gardash, etc.

Microsoft Sam (of PixelartBuilder583) is a powerful computer who spends portions of his time doing whatever he likes to do. Unlike several other Microsoft Sams, however, this Sam is more into playing games and exploring much of The ROFL World, his home country, rather than reading funny (and rage-inducing) signs and errors. He and his boss, PixelartBuilder583, undertake in joint-rulership of The ROFL World together and are the two leaders of their crew.