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Microsoft Sam (Project Nick)

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Sam Freeman
Sam, in his default expression.
RaceImperial (Vampire)
GenderMale (he/him)
AfilliationsDYMD DAZE, W4US
Appears inProject Funny Signs, Secret Projects 1 + 2
Birthday27th LS, 5E 2000

Sam Freeman is a character in Nick Wright's videos. He lives in the Imperial City, within Neo Tamriel. He is a vampire, though how he turned is unknown. He lives on the Waterfront.

Life with DMND DAZE

He was the leader of the DYMD DAZE group, founding it alongside Mike Reynos and Mary Tanka. The three of them formed the group sometime in 2015, after a rough early life and deciding to live on their own. Mike took up the driver's seat, while Mary trained the two of them in hand-to-hand combat. They eventually recruited several other members, before splitting under mysterious circumstances in early 2020, leaving Sam, Mike, and Mary as the only members once again.

Project Funny Signs

Early PFS has the three of them reflecting on the mission that caused the group to disband, a quest supposedly issued by the empress. The reason for the disbandment of DYMD DAZE is unknown.

Secret Project 1

Not much is known about his appearance in SP1, other than he takes on a new job alongside the rest of DYMD DAZE, who reunite under tense circumstances courtesy of Nick Wright, the proprietor of W4US, a mysterious organization within the Imperial City.

Secret Project 2

Even less is known about him in SP2, other than the fact it takes place in "an alternate world," and Sam has "mysterious and new powers he must unlock to save the world."