Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Error Messages (Mochirisu Series)

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FWEM Season 5 Logo
The current logo of FWEM, as of Season 5
Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Error Messages
Created by Mochirisu
InspirationThunderbirds101 + Other TTS Video Makers
ProfanityHigh - Extreme
Production Run7/5/2011 - 3/21/2019 (Continuity)
As of 4/22/2019 (Continuity-free)
Aired in ResolutionS1 - S2 E9: Inconsistent (480p / 720p)

S2 E10 - S4 E5: 1080p
S4 E6 - S4 E8: 4K
S4 E9 - S4 E16: 1080p60

Season 5+: 1440p

Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Error Messages (also known as FWEM) is the first TTS video series created by Mochirisu, both seasonally and overall. It premiered on July 5, 2011 and it is still ongoing in it's fifth season, going along with Mochirisu's new weekly schedule, with new episodes every two weeks.

In this series, Microsoft Sam reads Windows error messages that pop-up on his computer, while trying to avoid the antagonists that try to stop him.

As of Season 5 Episode 8, 56 Episodes and 6 Quickies have been completed.

Pre-Production (Early 2011 - June 2011)

Before the Errors (February 2011 - March 2011)

When Mochirisu started their channel on YouTube on February 3, 2011, they didn't know what a TTS video was. However, they started getting into TTS videos when they discovered Thunderbirds101's series, Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors. From that point on, he started to enjoy TTS videos, as well as watching the entirety (at that time) of FWE from Season 1 to the latest season (at that time also), Season 10.

Then after that, Mochi got the idea to begin making his own TTS video series which has become to be known nowadays as Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Error Messages.

Production of Season 1 (April 2011 - June 2011)

Before Mochi had heard of he used MS Paint (lol R.I.P. MS Paint), which only appeared in Season 1 Episode 1 (now deleted and replaced with a 2012 remade version).

The use of paint made a few viewers not happy, but Mochi states that this was done on purpose to see which style was good for the series, Mochi chose the latter of the styles (the one from Season 1 Episode 2).

The first titile card for Funny Windows Error Messages. It is very awful, as it was made in MS Paint. It is also low quality. This title card was never used.

Season 1 (7/5/2011 - 7/24/2011)

Episodes: 8
Duration: 14m 49s (Original), 18m 10s (2016 Remake)

Season 1 premiered on July 5, 2011 with the first two episodes of the series and was aired bi-weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

It didn't feature huge and structured story-arcs or any main antagonists. Each episode contained a random and unsorted bunch of errors with Sam facing random antagonists and viruses.

It concluded on July 24, 2011 with episodes 7 and 8. The finale was a cliffhanger with Weegeeta 9000Bit appearing and DARO Retard Capsules raining from the sky, he then blows up ROFL City (Known as LOL City in Season 1) with his laser.

A remade version is available here.

The original versions of the episodes are also available on the playlist here, with the exception of the first episode which was remade due to awful quality. (please note that the ratings and comments are disabled on the original versions)

Episode Guide

(x) - Indicates the episode number for the series as a whole

Episode Synopsis Airdate

Episode 1 (1)

First Episode of FWEM, original version removed due to poor quality. Only video to be remade twice. Original Airdate: July 5, 2011;
2012 Remake: January 9, 2012;
5th Anniv. Remake: July 5, 2016

Episode 2 (2)

First video to use errors

Original Airdate: July 5, 2011;
5th Anniv. Remake: July 5, 2016

Episode 3 (3)


Original Airdate: July 9, 2011;
5th Anniv. Remake: July 5, 2016

Episode 4 (4)

Original version was censored, 2016 version uncensored what Sam says in the video.
This is also the first episode to branch its story to another episode.

Original Airdate: July 13, 2011;
5th Anniv. Remake: July 5, 2016

Episode 5 (5)


Original Airdate: July 16, 2011;
5th Anniv. Remake: July 5, 2016

Episode 6 (6)


Original Airdate: July 20, 2011;
5th Anniv. Remake: July 5, 2016

Episode 7 (7)


Original Airdate: July 24, 2011;
5th Anniv. Remake: July 5, 2016

Episode 8 (8)

Introduced the main antagonist for Season 2: Weegeeta 9000bit

Original Airdate: July 24, 2011;
5th Anniv. Remake: July 5, 2016

Cast of Season 1

  • Microsoft Sam - as Himself (All of Season 1)
  • Microsoft Mike - as Himself (In Episodes 1, 2, and 6)
  • Microsoft Mary - as Herself (As Judge Mary in Episode 6)
  • Cop - as Robosoft 2 (In Episode 1)
  • The "Fifteen minutes later on Sam's Private Island..." Voice - as Robosoft 5 (In Episode 1)
  • Weegeeta 9000Bit - as Robosoft 2 (In Episode 8)

Season 1 Trivia

  • Each episode ranged from 1 minute to 3 minutes in this season.
  • This is the shortest season of all in:
    • Episodes: 8 Episodes
    • Amount of days between the premiere and finale: 19 Days
    • And duration for both the original and the remake: 14 minutes and 49 seconds (original) and 18 minutes and 10 seconds (2016 remake).
  • The entirety of Season 1 was produced before the series premiered, produced in less than a week.
    • For this reason, this was the only season without any hiatuses, but some dates were missed as Mochirisu was unaware that he could be busy on those days.
  • There are white-spacing problems on errors in S1 E1 - S1 E5, this was fixed in the 2016 remake.
  • For the series' fifth anniversary on July 5, 2016, a remake premiered. It includes all 8 episodes in the style of Season 3 and onwards and has new voice lines for Microsoft Sam.
    • Mochirisu originally planned to not remake the first episode of the series, due to it already having a remade version created back in 2012, due to the original version being terrible.
      • You can see effect of this at the end slate of the video where one video cuts to this version, this was accidentally left in.

Season 2 (8/3/11 - 9/8/12)

Episodes: 12
Duration: 1h 14m 00s

Currently being re-written... Check back soon

Episode Guide

(x) - Indicates the episode number for the series as a whole

Episode Synopsis Airdate

Episode 1 (9)

First FWEM video to use the Mochirisu theme Original Airdate: August 3, 2011;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 2 (10)


Original Airdate: August 16, 2011;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 3 (11)


Original Airdate: August 18, 2011;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 4 (12)

Aired with Season 2 Episode 5 as compensation for not uploading it a week earlier

Original Airdate: September 5, 2011;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 5 (13)


Original Airdate: September 5, 2011;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 6 (14)

The first episode to be considered the longest episode of the series, at 8 minutes.
Introduced the main antagonist for Season 3: Master Dark Chao

Original Airdate: September 15, 2011;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 7 (15)


Original Airdate: September 21, 2011;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 8 (16)

Was not supposed to be aired at all, Chao Wars episode 1 was pushed back indefinitely to 2012 and to hold viewers over, this episode was made.

Original Airdate: October 11, 2011;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 9: Chao Wars Part 1 (17)

This is the beginning of the first major arc for FWEM: Chao Wars, which contains no errors throughout it's entirety.
Mochirisu considers to be the reason why they dislike Season 2.

Original Airdate: June 5, 2012;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 10: Chao Wars Part 2 (18)

This episode was aired 2 days late.

Original Airdate: June 8, 2012;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 11: Chao Wars Part 3 (19)

This episode went into extended production for 3 months.
This was also the first FWEM episode to be made in Sony VEGAS.

Original Airdate: September 5, 2012;
Remake: TBA 2019

Episode 12 (20)

Was not supposed to be aired at all, Mochirisu made this so the number of episodes in the season was even

Original Airdate: September 8, 2012;
Remake: TBA 2019

Season 2 Trivia

  • Mochirisu considers this to be the worst season in the series, due to it introducing backgrounds behind errors without using Vegas. This entire season will be remade in 2019.
  • This season was originally going to end in 2011, however it took way longer to end due to Chao Wars, and the failure of Mochirisu's computer.
  • This season was also supposed to only have 10 episodes, which is now a staple of the series starting with Season 5

Season 3 (9/21/12 - 1/18/14)

Episodes: 12
Duration: 56m 12s

Info yet to be posted...

Episode Guide

Episode Synopsis Airdate

Episode 1 (21)

Mochirisu's last video to be made in WLMM. Original Airdate: September 21, 2012

Episode 2 (22)

This episode does not have a background or the MP intro due to the "Occupy Wall St." protests, back between 2011-2012.

Original Airdate: September 29, 2012

Episode 3 (23)

This episode has a combination of both errors and signs, an effect of Mochirisu being uninspired to create videos at the time due to the production of Chao Wars.
The error portion of the episode, minus one error, was uploaded many months before Season 3 began airing, as a teaser.
This episode aired one day after the previous episode.

Unofficial Error Teaser: December 7, 2011;
Official Airdate: September 30, 2012

Episode 4 (24)


Original Airdate: October 6, 2012

Episode 5 (25)

This episode aired one day after the previous episode.

Original Airdate: October 7, 2012

Episode 6 (26)

This is the shortest episode of FWEM if you remove the intro, a product of Mochirisu being uninspired to make videos during the production of Chao Wars.

Original Airdate: October 14, 2012

Episode 7 (27)

This was the last FWEM episode produced before Chao Wars was finished.

Original Airdate: October 20, 2012

Episode 8 (Halloween Special) (28)

This video was rushed, due to this, this is the only episode after Season 3 Episode 1 to be uploaded in 720p.

Original Airdate: October 31, 2012

Episode 9 (29)

This was Mochirisu's 100th video when it was uploaded. It is now no longer the case.
Mochirisu took a slight hiatus after this episode due to them moving to a new house, the series would resume in January 2013.

Original Airdate: November 12, 2012

Episode 10 (30)


Original Airdate: January 8, 2013

Episode 11 (31)

This is the first episode with the 2013 Mochirisu logo, known as the 'Modern' logo.

Original Airdate: February 18, 2013

Episode 12 (32)

The episode is glitchy, especially at the beginning, due to a mistake made in Vegas. Mochirisu is unsure about remaking this video.

Original Airdate: January 18, 2014

Season 3 Trivia

  • Season 3's finale was going to have an RPG battle, this was cut because Mochirisu was too lazy to make such a scene. These scenes were seen in the second part of Season 4 Episode 8 and uses the elements from this cut fight scene.
  • S3 E6 is the shortest episode of the series (Minus the intro), this was due to the fact that Mochirisu was uninspired at the time to make episodes.
  • Season 3 once had the longest hiatus of any season (S3 E11 - S3 Finale, 11 months), this honor now goes to Season 4 (S4 E6 - S4 E7, 1 year, 10 months).
  • The shortest gap between seasons was between Season 3 and Season 4. The next season aired 6 days after Season 3's finale because Mochirisu wanted to push the 4th season immediately due to the large amount of delays for the S3 Finale.
  • Season 3 was originally going to have 24 episodes. However, Mochirisu knew that was too long for a regular season (8 - 12 Episodes), so it went back to season 2's length in episodes.
  • Over half of the Season 3 episodes were produced and completed before Chao Wars was finished, similar to the entirety of Season 1 being produced before it aired

The title card for the fourth season of FWEM, this was only seen in a few episodes across season four.

Season 4 (1/24/14 - 3/21/19)

Episodes: 16 + 6 Quickies
Duration: 3h 35m 17s, 3h 50m 07s (including Quickies)

Season 4 is split up into three separate arcs, with the first half of the season's main antagonist being Weegeeta 9000Bit. While the other half's main antagonist being Microsoft Anna.


Part 1 - David/Weegeeta Arc (S4E1 - S4E8) (1/24/14 - 10/13/17)

Info yet to be posted...

Part 2 - Error Intermission (S4E9 - S4E12) (10/20/17 - 1/14/18)

This arc serves as an intermission between the two major arcs of Season 4. These episodes were mainly error focused and had little to advance the plot of the second half.

This arc ends with Sam going to the Taco Bell that he and his friends flooded with diarrhea to order a new flavor of taco. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that the taco was laced with Tide Pods, the restaurant was still Taco Hell, and the person in charge of the place was Microsoft Anna. Anna thinks she won with Sam dying from the Tide Pod, when suddenly, a familiar shadowy figure appears and takes Sam away from her in a blinding flash of light.

Part 3 - Anna Arc (S4E13 - S4E16) (4/30/18 - 3/21/19)

The Anna Arc will be an epic showdown, pitting Microsoft Sam against Anna, ending off season 4.

Anna Arc Part 1 (S4E13) began where S4E12 left off after Sam was taken away safely from Anna by a shadowy figure while he was dying from the poison that was inside the Tide Pod laced taco. During his time trying to wake up, Sam has a vision of Anna and the Plugs, presumably what may happen if Anna was to defeat him once and for all. After Sam comes to and wakes up, he finds himself on the fabled Lunarian colony, located on Earth's Moon, where he is greeted by Mochirisu, who is the leader of the colony, and Sidney, who is a Lunar Maiden.

Mochi tells Sam that Sydney cured him with their healing kiss, a Lunarian power that only Lunar Maidens possess, Sam then freaks out that a 'guy' kissed him, where Mochi calms him down and states that the entire Lunarian race is bi-gender, and have exclusive body features of both men and women combined. Sam then asks them if they have a computer where he could read errors from, where Mochi confirms that they do have a computer, one that is far powerful than normal Earth computers. Sam is impressed by the computer and decides to read errors on it.

After the error segment, Mochi and Sydney are seen atop Moonbeam Plateau, looking at a solar eclipse where the Earth is eclipsing the Sun. Sydney states that solar eclipses are better on the Moon than Earth as the Moon gets a longer eclipse duration, where Mochi replies that a lunar eclipse is currently taking place on Earth as the planet blocks the Sun. However, while they are seeing the beautiful scene, they are interrupted by an unidentified flying object. Mochi commands Lunar Overseer Tycho to identify the object, they report that the object is a Plug Mothership, one sent by Anna and the Plug Leader to destroy the Lunarian colony while they are powerless due to the eclipse. Tycho recommends to Mochi to get Microsoft Sam to help destroy the mothership, Mochi then walks over to their house where Sam finishes reading his errors and tells him to get outside before the Plugs destroy the colony. Sam begrudgingly states that 'Anna has brought this on herself' and walks over to Moonbeam Plateau. Sam is distracted by the solar eclipse's beauty and is re-focused by Mochi and Sydney to the Plug Mothership, where they tell him that the colony is in danger. The episode ends with Sam saying his usual profanity line.

In Anna Arc Part 2 (S4E14), Mochi states that the main super-weapon of the Lunarian Army, the Lunar Light Cannon, is currently unusable due to the solar eclipse blocking all of the required light it needs to run. Tycho states that the cannon requires either a super-rare power crystal or tons of batteries to activate it in a emergency backup situation. Knowing that he has a stash of them in his ROFLcopter, Sam wonders if he can get one of the Lunarians to teleport the copter to the moon. Mochi replies that Sydney has a bit of reserve power to do this. Sydney agrees and they teleport the ROFLcopter to the lunar surface.

After the teleportation, Sam discovers Mike in the cockpit of 'Casey', which is the nickname Sam gave to his ROFLcopter, Mike tells Sam that it was getting dirty and he was taking it to get washed. With his usual back-sass, Sam makes the usual lady-voice joke about Mike, after which Mike complains about the joke. Trying to break the complaint apart, Mochi tells Mike to open the trunk of the ROFLcopter, as they remembered that they saw Sam put some spare batteries in there one day. Sam congratulates to himself when he overbought the batteries for a dire situation like this. Tycho states that the batteries are the perfect batteries to charge the cannon while their moonlight is cut off, Sydney tells Sam that he should fly around in the ROFLcopter and destroy the ships coming out of the Plug Mothership, while everyone else takes the batteries to the cannon. Sam, however, to meet the status quo, makes an excuse and states that he does not like this plan, wanting to get out of this and read errors. Mochi distainfully agrees to Sam's ruse, calling him a jerk. Sam tells them to not call him a jerk and promises that the new 'plan' would be better, then the error segment to this episode begins.

After the error segment, Tycho questions Sam, wondering if he thought of a better plan during his error reading. Sam lets the lie out and Mochi is unhappy with him, as they knew that he was making the excuse to read errors in the episode. At this point, half of the Lunarian colony had been destroyed, but the Lunar Light Cannon only requires one more battery to be fully activated. Mochi commands Sam to go with the original plan to tale off in the ROFLcopter and destroy the ships coming out of the Plug Mothership, which he does. Sam proceeds around the lunar airspace and effortlessly destroys most of the ships. Only one ship manages to hit Sam, but only slightly, Sam then shoots down the ship. Afterwards, via walkie-talkie, Mike tells Sam to get out of the air so they could fire the cannon, as the last required battery made its way to the cannon. Sam then lands 'Casey' and tells everyone that he is out of the air and to launch the cannon. Mochi tells off the plugs, Tycho charges up the Lunar Light Cannon, and fires its beam at the mothership, which instantly destroys it. Immediately following the firing event, the solar eclipse ends, marking a Lunarian victory against the Plugs, saving the colony and pushing the Plugs back to Earth.

After the winning cannon fire and while the lunar surface turns from red back to white, Mike is thanked for the helping of bringing the batteries to the Lunar Light Cannon while dodging the gunfire from the Plug ships. Sam is shamed for his awful excuse by Mike, where Sam states that he had to meet the status quo and references that the awful Chao Wars special from Season 2, which contained no errors, will not happen to the series again. Mochi is disgruntled and tries to get the two to stop fighting. While this is going on, Tycho receives an intercepted transmission from one of the Plugs back on Earth. Sydney tells them to send the transmission through.

The transmission is a video call between the Plug Leader and Anna. The Plug Leader reports to Anna, stating that they were defeated by the defenseless Lunarians during the Earth's lunar eclipse, that Sam wasn't killed by the Tide Pod-laced taco, and says that he was the factor in their defeat. Anna despises the Lunarians and imagines that they had reserve power to teleport Sam's ROFLcopter up to the Moon, bypassing the defense grid entirely. While he is telling more about the report, the Plug Leader gets cut off, as the transmission channel is changed because they detected. Mochi tells Tycho to ping the location of the transmission, which originated from a server farm in San Jose, California. Mike suggests that the plugs are being made there and they are satellite robots run by the server, as they quickly found out about Sam's location. Sam gets a new idea and states that if they go to the server farm to shut down the server, which would shut down the Plugs and the defense grid so Anna could be easily destroyed in a rebellion by both the Lunarian Army and other Anna Resistors. Mochi gives praise to Sam's brilliant idea and tells him to get into the ROFLcopter with Mike to be teleported to the farm's location. Sam, however, refuses to go with Mike, but Mochi forces him to go regardless. Mike tells Sam that he had been served and the episode ends with the ROFLcopter containing Sam and Mike being teleported off of the Moon.

In Anna Arc Part 3 (S4E15), Microsoft Sam and Mike arrive at the Plug Mainframe's server location of San Jose, California where they begin their counter-attack against the Plugs to shut them off. Before they start the counter-attack, they notice that part of the moon has been eclipsed by the Earth's shadow, Sam takes a picture of this lunar eclipse and sends it to Mochirisu. After this, Sam and Mike attempt to go into the server farm building when they are stopped by a hard to open door installed by the Plug Leader, and the only way to get in is with a passcode. In order to circumvent the password, Sam reminds Mike that he can hack into any electronic device as he saved Sam from a Weegee-Bot with his hacking kit in S4E8. Following Sam's reminder, Mike attempts to hack the door using it, however, unfortunately, the door sends a bunch of explosive viruses to Mike's computer, in which he throws the laptop into the fountain, causing a water-displacing explosion that destroys it and the computer. The Plug Leader then mocks Mike's hacking attempt on his prerecorded message, which he does not take lightly to. Sam then suggests that they should read errors to open the door, Mike thinks that this will be a fruitless effort and will not accomplish anything, however, the door detects that someone mentioned errors around it and activates a prerecorded message to tell the two that if they read errors, the door would open for them. Sam agrees to this, but Mike thinks that they are being tricked into reading them for no reason or for a trap as the Plugs detected their interception. Sam tells Mike that this might not be the case and Mike finally agrees to it, despite still being worried about it being a trap. The two then read errors.

Sometime during the error segment, Microsoft Sam comes across a wizard to blow up any computer with a push of a button, he decides to save this wizard to a compact-flash card for later in the episode

After reading errors, the door does not open as the errors were just there to waste their time, which makes Mike even more angry against it. Sam, however, might know what the password to the door is, as he thinks over his previous experiences with Anna and her defamation towards him. Mike tells Sam to say the password, which Sam distastefully says that it is microsoftsamf***ingsucks. The password turns out to be correct and Sam and Mike are granted access to the building. Mike remarks that Sam got burned by a door and Sam states that Anna makes him salty. The two go into the server farm, only to be trapped by a Plug army, consisting of a Plug Soldier, Dual-Headed Plug, and a Sword Plug. They knew that the duo was coming as they were caught snooping on their transmission to Anna in the previous episode. As the Sword Plug is commanded by the Plug Soldier to decapitate Sam, Mike manages to kick the sword off of the Sword Plug with his martial arts training, Sword Plug states that his sword was his only way to pick things up, as he had no attachment to his other socket. Mike tells Sam to pick the dropped sword up off of the ground to slice the army up, however, the Plug Soldier prevents him from picking it up by electrically charging it, which electrocutes Sam, who then states that he should have brought his ROFL-47 with him. Mike suggests that they should read errors again, but Sam replies that he won't be fooled by it again and states that he only reads them once per episode, Sam brings up a new plan for Mike to attempt to short-circuit the army. As Sam tells Mike this, the Dual-Headed Plug attempts to zap Sam with their deadly electrical current. Before the current reaches Sam, he tells Mike to kick the sword towards the army as shoes are made out of rubber. Sam quickly dodges the current and Mike kicks the sword towards the army, it touches the Dual-Headed Plug, causing them to short-circuit over their incompatible charge with it. As the Dual-Headed Plug begins to explode over the overload, the other two Plugs panic to escape, only to get caught in the blast of the Dual-Headed Plug and get disabled by it's electrically charged explosion. Sam jokes that the explosion was nice enough to be from a Michael Bay movie and Mike is relieved that they made it through the near-death experience. As they are pushing forward to the Plug Mainframe, they are spotted by a security camera that the Plug Leader and Anna are monitoring. The Plug Leader is shocked to see that his trap for the two has failed and gets Anna to help him decide their next action. Anna tells him that if Sam and Mike shuts down the Mainframe, he won't be affected by it, but the defensive grid and the other Plugs will be terminated with it. Anna tells the Plug Leader to let them shut it down, as she has a backup idea, to attempt to assassinate Sam at the server farm.

Meanwhile, Sam and Mike find the room containing the Mainframe. Sam remembers that during the error segment, he saved a destructive wizard to a compact-flash card. If the card is inserted into the Mainframe's card slot and one of the first two buttons on the wizard are pressed, it will be destroyed. When the wizard gets activated, Sam reminds Mike to run away from the Mainframe quickly, as it will create a huge explosion. Mike agrees to do this after it is activated, but tells Sam that he wants to activate it for him. Sam learns over this mission that everyone can be awesome in a way, respects Mike, and apologizes for all of the negative things he said to him over the course of the series. Sam allows Mike to activate the explosion wizard, which Mike accepts the apology and Sam's turning of a new leaf over him, and inserts the card into the slot. Mike presses the countdown button on the wizard and the duo run out of the building before the mainframe explosion destroys it.

After getting out of the building with an early explosion, Anna spots Sam from the bushes, and aims right at him with her sniper rifle. Mike tells Sam to look out for his attempted assassination, before jumping in front of Sam to protect him from the bullet, taking his own life. Before he dies, he tells Sam that Anna was trying to kill him from the bushes, and requests Sam to avenge him and save the world. Sam is saddened by what had just unfolded in front of him, questioning Anna on why she killed Mike. Anna could not believe the duo fell into her trap, but unfortunately only brought a single bullet just to kill Sam, not expecting Mike to block the bullet. She tells Sam that he is next to be killed and leaves him depressed. As Sam calls Anna a heartless and cruel person, the episode ends when Mochirisu calls up Sam to congratulate him and Mike taking down the defensive grid, only to met with brief silence and later is told the bad news about Mike's death.


Episode Guide (Full Episodes)

(x) - Indicates the episode number for the series as a whole

Episode Synopsis Airdate

Episode 1: Enter Microsoft David (33)

Introduces Microsoft David, the main antagonist for Season 4 Part 1 Original Airdate: January 24, 2014

Episode 2: No Tacos Act (34)

Mike is killed by Zira

Original Airdate: January 25, 2014

Episode 3: (NOT) Pointless Code (35)

This episode was highly controversial, due to an infamous error triggering another YouTuber.
The original version was privated and a new version without the error was uploaded in 2019.

Original Airdate: April 19, 2014;
Edited Version: May 21, 2019

Episode 4: The Bomblebee is an Endangered Species (36)

Mary is killed by Hazel

Original Airdate: April 27, 2014

Episode 5: Radiation Train (37)


Original Airdate: May 24 2014

Episode 6: Time to Get... CRAZY (38)

First video in 4K, sort of... This episode had inconsistant quality

Original Airdate: July 20, 2014

Episode 7: WE'RE BACK! (39)

First video in almost 2 years, after a BS copyright strike from TheReviewSpace
Also the first video with the 2015 Mochirisu logo, known as the 'Cheveron' logo

Original Airdate: June 14, 2016

Episode 8 Part 1: David Reveals Himself (40-A)

David reveals himself to be Weegeeta 9000bit, who turns himself into Weegeeta Aleph-Null Infinity, and reveals that everything up from Season 2 Episode 8 was a simulation.

Original Airdate: October 5, 2016

Episode 8 Part 2: Aleph-Null Infinity (40-B)

Mochirisu returned to 1080p, as well as 60 fps.
Weegeeta is defeated and Microsoft Anna becomes the main antagonist of Season 4 Part 2.
This is also Mochirisu's last video to be made in Sony VEGAS

Original Airdate: October 13, 2017

Episode 9: Diarrhea Fan-mail (41)

First episode to be given a name with the new naming system, earlier Season 4 episodes would later get these new titles from this system.
It was also the first video Mochirisu produced with Adobe Premiere CC

Original Airdate: October 20, 2017

Episode 10: Literal Star Wars (42)

Aired one day after the previous episode

Original Airdate: October 21, 2017

Episode 11: The FCC Paywall (43)

First mention of the FCC Paywall, taking a jab at the anti-Net Neutrality criticism of the FCC at the time

Original Airdate: December 5, 2017

Episode 12: Tide Pod Tacos (44)

Prologue to the Anna Arc, Mochirisu rescues Sam from the poisoned Tide Pod-laced tacos from Taco Hell given to him by Anna.
This was also the first FWEM episode to feature the 2018 Mochirisu logo, also known as 'Cheveron 2' or 'Triangulon'. However, the episode still uses one of the previous Mochirisu intros as the video was too far into production to be changed when it went under effect.
This episode was also made to take a jab at the Tide Pod Challenge, the infamous and deadly YouTube challenge of 2017-2018.

Original Airdate: January 12, 2018

Episode 13: Anna Arc Part 1 - Lunarians (45)

The first part of Anna Arc, the final multi-part saga of FWEM.
Also the first FWEM episode to fully feature the 2018 logo.

Original Airdate: April 30, 2018

Episode 14: Anna Arc Part 2 - The Plugs (46)


Original Airdate: June 2, 2018

Episode 15: Anna Arc Part 3 - The Mainframe (47)

Mike is killed by Anna in this episode.

Original Airdate: June 24, 2018

Episode 16: Anna Arc Part 4 - Sam vs. Anna (48)

This is the longest episode of the series
It also introduced the most characters: 9 Major and 3 Minor
The error segment of this episode was partially teased to celebrate the seventh anniversary of FWEM. However, Mochirisu originally wanted to upload the entire episode on this date, but was too busy planning a trip to California to visit their relatives from their father's side. They were still unable to make the video with the packing.

Unofficial Teaser: July 5, 2018;
Official Airdate: March 21, 2019

Episode Guide (Quickies)

Episode Synopsis Airdate

Quickie 1: Title Upside Down for Your Security

Aired between S4E7 and S4E8. Original Airdate: June 25, 2016

Quickie 2: This Title Requires a Paid Membership

Part of the first MochiBomb, held between August 1 - 5, 2016.
Aired between S4E7 and S4E8.

Original Airdate: August 2, 2016

Quickie 3: Glitchy DRM

Aired between S4E7 and S4E8.

Original Airdate: August 20, 2016

Quickie 4: Baloney Viruses

Aired between S4E7 and S4E8.

Original Airdate: September 9, 2016

Quickie 5: MS-DDoS

Aired between S4E8P1 and S4E8P2.

Original Airdate: September 29, 2017

Quickie 6: Last Second Blaze

Aired between S4E12 and S4E13
Also the only quickie to have an error request.

Original Airdate: April 20, 2018

Cast of Season 4


  • Microsoft Sam - as Himself
  • Microsoft Mike - as Himself (Killed by Anna in S4E15 with a botched assasination of Sam)
  • Microsoft Mary - as Herself
  • Microsoft David - as Himself before he was revealed to be W9K-Bit (S4P1)
  • Microsoft Hazel - as Herself (S4P1)
  • Microsoft Zira - as Herself (S4P1)
  • Weegeeta 9000Bit / Weegeeta Aleph-Null ∞ - as Robosoft 2 (S4E8) (Killed by Sam, Mike, and Mary in S4E8P2)
  • Siri Alex - as Himself (S4E8P1)
  • Siri Samantha - as Herself (S4E8P1)
  • Microsoft Anna - as Herself (S4P2 and Anna Arc) (Killed by Sam in S4E16)
  • Lunarian Leader Mochirisu - as Themself, voice acted (Anna Arc)
  • Lunar Maiden Sydney Synderson - as Themself, Am. Eng. Adult Male 2 (Anna Arc)
  • Lunar Overseer Tycho - as Eddie, Am. Eng. Adult Male 3 (Anna Arc)
  • Plug Leader - as Robosoft 3 (Anna Arc)
  • Plug Soldier - as Robosoft 1 (Anna Arc)
  • Dual Plug - as Robosofts 2 and 5 (Anna Arc)
  • Sword Plug - as Robosoft 3 (Anna Arc)


  • NSA Agent - as Microsoft Mike (S4P1)
  • FCC Chairman - as Brutus (S4P2)
  • Radar Overseer Scotty - as Peter, Am. Eng. Adult Male 1 (S4P2)
  • Radar Overseer Fatass - as Douglas, Am. Eng. Adult Male 4 (S4P1)
  • Chuck Testa - as Himself, cameo (S4P2)
  • Satan - as Alex, Am. Eng. Adult Male 8 (S4P2)
  • Mr. Information Robot - as Robosoft 3 (S4P2)

Season 4 Trivia

  • This is the longest season of all in:
    • Episodes: 16 Episodes
    • Amount of days between the premiere and finale: 1882 Days
    • And duration: 3 hours, 35 minutes, and 17 seconds (regular episodes only) and 3 hours, 50 minutes, and 07 seconds (counting Quickies).
  • Season 4 had the longest hiatuses in the series, the season has lasted for over 5 years.
    • In fact, it was so long, that this season was made in three video editors.
      • Episodes 1 and 2 were made in version 11 of Vegas.
      • Episodes 3 - 7 and both parts of 8 were made in version 13 of Vegas.
      • Episodes 9 and onwards will be made in Adobe Premiere CC.
  • S4 E6 brought the series to 4K (2160p) and introduced a new episode layout:
    • Tip of the Day > Intro > Fake Episode Title > Real Episode Title > Part 1 > Break (In some episodes) > Part 2 > To be Continued, Question of the Day, & End-slate > Sponsor > Info
  • However, the series returned to 1080p starting with Season 4 Episode 8 Part 2, but at 60fps, and the episode layout will be returned to it's old format (minus the sponsor and question of the day), but will still include a fake title.
    • The reason for this switch-back is the same as Thunderbirds101's reason for returning to 720p in Season 11 Episode 5 of Funny Windows Errors.
  • Season 4 is the only season so far to include a two part episode that is not branched into a multi-episode story-arc, Season 4 Episode 8.
  • Season 4 is the only season to include two main antagonists, Weegeeta 9000Bit and Microsoft Anna.

Season 5 (4/22/19 - Present)

Episodes: 10; 2 yet to premiere
Duration: 1h 40m 32s (as of S5E8)

Season 5 premiered on April 22, 2019, over a month after Season 4's finale. The series has been overhauled tremendously starting with this season. Here are a list of changes...

  • The series will be broadcasted in 1440p at 60 frames per second
  • Every episode starting with the Season 4 finale will be premiered instead of being scheduled, this is to help get the series back into the limelight after Mochirisu's absence between S4E6 to S4E7
    • However, this has not happened yet, with the exception of S4E16, which was in 1080p, because YouTube currently doesn't allow you to premiere videos that are over 1080p, which makes no sense whatsoever
  • The errors will be crisper than ever, with the text no longer being blurry
    • The title bar of errors will be updated as well and will not be as pixelated when you download it from
  • There won't be anymore huge serialized plotlines that go on for the entire season, reverting back to the non-continuity driven first season, similar to what TB101 did in his series
    • As a result, only one plot-heavy episode will be in a season, in the season's first episode
  • Every episode, minus the plot-heavy episode, will be between 9-11 minutes long, due to the extreme length of certain Season 4 episodes
  • The series will no longer be halted by constant mid-season hiatuses
  • All future seasons of all of Mochirisu's seasonal series' will now contain only 10 episodes, with the exception of their first seasons, which will contain only 6 episodes
  • Only up to 5 error requests will be accepted in an episode, with the rest being rejected, or held over until the next episode

Season Premiere Plot

In the season 5 premiere, the Communist Linux Penguin Army, formerly operated by Microsoft Anna in the prevention of Microsoft Sam's return to Earth before the Defense Grid was finished in S4E8P2, gets word that their former leader was killed by Sam in S4E16. The CLPA Commander is bewildered by the death of Anna and believes it didn't happen, however, the board penguin tells the commander that it did happen, and informs him that the Plug Leader is the new leader of the CLPA, stating that he has a new mission for them. The CLPA Commander agrees to contact the PL's to debrief the new mission after being angered by Sam success. The PL talks to the CLPA Commander, he agrees to give back the CLPA's ships, with some major, and costly, modifications, after Anna took them away because of their failure on the MP TV Space Station. These expensive mods meant that only one ship could be modded, but is powerful enough to be able to win a space fight with only a single unit. The PL states that the new mission was to freeze the Earth into a new ice age, so that it could be conquered by the CLPA, and to blow up the Moon to get revenge on the Lunarians that assisted Sam in killing Anna. The CLPA accepts the PL's new mission and the PL gets to work in sending him and the ship to Linuxia, the home planet of the CLPA.

A couple of weeks later, while observing the cosmos, Lunar Overseer Apollo spots a penguin-shaped ship heading towards the Earth's orbit, fearing that it is related to the CLPA, they go to warn Mochirisu. Meanwhile on the Earth, Sam is relaxing on a beach in HonuLOLu, OHAIi, getting a tan, when all of a sudden, he is teleported to the Moon by Mochirisu. Mochi warns Sam that the object that was spotted earlier by Apollo, was the ship of the CLPA, as they got a transmission broadcasted from the ship. They find out that the Plug Leader is now leading the CLPA, and is threatening to destroy the Moon first. Seeing that all of the maidens are unable to stop the CLPA, with them still in private with Nurturia's baby, Tycho, Mochi, and Sam have no chioce but to fire the Lunar Light Cannon, like they did with the Plug Mothership, except without powering it with ROFLcopter batteries. Fearing that the CLPA ship will be blown up, the CLPA Commander panics, however, the PL calms down the CLPA Commander, stating that he learned from his previous mistake with the Plug Mothership. When Mochi, Sam, and Tycho fire the cannon, they find out that it had no effect on the ship. The PL states that he installed reflectors on the ship to reflect away the light of light-based weapons, such as the Lunar Light Cannon, and mocks the three for their backfire. Out of options, Mochi asks Sam to think of one last idea. Sam, unfortunately doesn't have an idea, until Tycho tells him to think of something explosive. Sam then gets a flashback of Radar Overseer Scotty from S4E16, with him saying that he puts nitroglycerin in his baloney sandwiches. After realizing this, Sam says that they need Scotty and his baloney sandwiches. Tycho doesn't think that this plan will work, as Lunar Overseers are distrusting of Radar Overseers. Sam states that Scotty is the only person that can turn a food item into a deadly explosive device, then Sam tells Mochi to teleport him to the Moon.

After getting teleported to the Moon, Scotty feels confused as he was making a baloney sandwich before being teleported. Sam then warns Scotty that he needs to make more baloney sandwiches, as the fate of the world depends on his explosive flavors. Confused by Sam saying that he should make more baloney sandwiches, even though Sam stated that he hated them, Scotty asks Sam why he wants him to do this. Mochi tells Scotty that the reason why they want him to make baloney sandwiches, is because of the CLPA ship looming above that is nearly ready to wreck the Earth and it's orbit. Scotty is shocked to hear that the CLPA is back and Sam reconfirms that he needs to make tons of baloney sandwiches as a peace offering to the CLPA, seeing that they will still attempt to blow up the Moon, but with a chance that the nitroglycerin will blow up the ship before the laser is fired. Scotty hates this idea and states that he will not do it, as he hates seeing his creations getting destroyed. Sam attempts to tell him that there won't be anymore baloney sandwiches after the Earth gets frozen into a new ice age, however, Scotty tells him that there are more baloney sandwiches on his home planet of Balonia. In order to get Scotty to agree to the plan, Sam makes up a lie and states that Scotty cannot go back to Balonia, as it was blown up by the CLPA. Scotty, worried about his home planet, tells Mochi to teleport him there. Going along with Sam's lie, Mochi tells Scotty that they can't teleport him there, and states that they are gone. Scotty, pissed off at the CLPA, finally agrees to the plan to avenge his planet. The PL and CLPA Commander then warns the Lunarians that they have five minutes before they are all destroyed. Sam pushes Scotty to hurry and make as many sandwiches as he can.

A few minutes later, Scotty wonders if 500 sandwiches are enough. After this, the PL and CLPA Commander states that Lunarians are out of time and the CLPA is ready to blow the Moon up. Tycho tells the PL and CLPA to wait a minute before they fire their plasma cannon, as they say that they have a peace offering to give to them. Confunsed on why the Lunarians are giving the CLPA a peace offering when it won't save them, the PL asks the CLPA Commander if they should accept the gift. The CLPA Commander agrees and says that the CLPA will still blow the Moon up and take the gift back home to show how pathetic the Lunarians were. Stating that he likes the way the commander thinks, he says to the gang that they accepted the offering. Mochi tells the commander to send one of his crew members to pick the gift up, which the commander agrees to. A CLPA worker is sent down to the moon to retreve the package. Scotty gives the package and his name to the worker, whom afterwards go back to the ship after talking smack to him. Mochi tells Scotty not to worry, as they think they are about to "see some fireworks" from the CLPA ship. The PL thanks them for the package and insults them for their action of weakness. The PL then turns on the Plasma Cannon and it begins charging while also shaking the ship, which makes the CLPA Commander sick. The worker then arrives to the observation deck with the package, the CLPA Commander thanks him for delivering the undoing of Lunarian society, he asks him who he got the package from, in which the worker states he got it from Scotty. Realizing that the commander told the CLPA to blacklist packages from Scotty, he opens the package to find that it was filled with his baloney sandwiches. Scared for his life with the shaking potentially about to trigger the nitroglycerin in the sandwiches, the commander warns the PL to shut the cannon off, unfortunately, he states that he didn't add a shut down button to the cannon, as he didn't think it would be necessary. The CLPA Commander panics even more as the cannon nears its full charge, inches from the point-of-fire, the shaking sets off the nitrogycerin, blowing the entire ship up and killing everyone on board, including the Plug Leader and CLPA Commander.

After seeing that the plan worked, Tycho apologizes to Scotty for not liking his seriousness in S4E16, which Scotty accepts. Confused and thinking the season is already over, Scotty is baffled that they killed the main antagonists and states that they haven't even had an error yet. Sam tells him that the season is not over, stating that the show is going back to its roots with random antagonists, no big story arcs, and shorter, in a way, episodes. He also tells Scotty about his lie from earlier, making him want to take out the CLPA, after which, he laughs about it and in doing so, gets kicked in the groin by Scotty, who tells him not to lie like that again. Sam agrees and the error segment to the episode begins.

Seasonal Plot

Starting with Season 5 Episode 4, a plot where a conspiracy of an organization bent on making the Internet worse surfaced. Agent J tells the basic information about this organization to Sam via an error. However, more details about the organization are going to surface as the season continues.

Episode Guide

(x) - Indicates the episode number for the series as a whole
* - Unaired episode's airdate might be subjected to change

Episode Synopsis Airdate

Episode 1: THE CLPA Returns! (49)

Season 5's Plot Heavy Episode
First FWEM episode to be uploaded in 1440p.
Features the first use of Mochirisu's new custom titlebars.
Also, Mochirisu's 200th video, according to the video manager
Original Airdate: April 22, 2019

Episode 2: Fifty Episodes LATER (50)

50th full episode of FWEM

Original Airdate: May 6, 2019

Episode 3: An EXCELLENT Source of Cowcium (51)

First episode since Season 4 Episode 12 to not feature error requests, due to the drought of them.

Original Airdate: May 20, 2019

Episode 4: MOBSTER Tornadoes, Monster Conspiracies (52)

First episode of the story plot of season 5

Original Airdate: June 3, 2019

Episode 5: INTERNET Blackouts Galore! (53)

Sam believes that the secret organization mentioned last episode is causing all this to happen.

Original Airdate: June 17, 2019

Episode 6: NEW Evidence Arrives! (54)

Sam gets more information about the top secret organization trying to ruin the internet.

Original Airdate: July 1, 2019

Episode 7: INTRODUCING Windows 1.11! (55)

Microsoft Sam gets accused for blacking out the city of New York so he could power his electricity-hungry computer, has his computer get flipped upside down and crash a few times, and plays a game of Virussian Roulette with Microsoft Mark.

Original Airdate: July 15, 2019

Episode 8: Internet Destroyers UNMASKED (56)

We finally learn the name of the organization that is planning to ruin the internet.

Original Airdate: July 29, 2019

Episode 9: TBA (57)

This episode has yet to air.

Original Airdate: August 12, 2019*

Episode 10: TBA (58)

This episode has yet to air.

Original Airdate: August 26, 2019*

Cast of Season 5


  • Microsoft Sam - as Himself
  • Lunarian Leader Mochirisu - as Themself, voice acted
  • Lunar Overseer Tycho - as Eddie, Am. Eng. Adult Male 3 (also was in the Lunarian Pronz video in S5E1)
  • Radar Overseer Scotty - as Peter, Am. Eng. Adult Male 1
  • Plug Leader - as Robosoft 3 (Killed in the CLPA ship explosion caused by Scotty's baloney sandwiches in S5E1)
  • CLPA Commander - as Alex, Am. Eng. Adult Male 8 (Killed in the CLPA ship explosion caused by Scotty's baloney sandwiches in S5E1)


  • CLPA Board Penguin - as Melvin, Am. Eng. Adult Male 7 (S5E1)
  • Random Lunarian in Lunarian Pronz video - as Julia, Am. Eng. Adult Female 2 (S5E1)
  • Gold - as Sidney, Am. Eng. Adult Male 2 (S5E2)
  • Bacon - as Eddie, Am. Eng. Adult Male 3 (S5E2)
  • Random Tux Penguin - as Freddy (S5E2)
  • Mr. Information Robot - as Robosoft 3 (S5E2)
  • Mobster Tornado - as Mike (S5E4)

Season 5 Trivia

  • Years before the season actually premiered, there were two April Fools Day jokes for the fake premiere of the season, one lost from 2016 and one that went up in 2017
    • The prior of the two was uploaded one day after the 2019 AFD joke as a lost video
    • The AFD 2016 joke was read by a voice parody of Unchi1999, an infamous YouTuber from the old days of the TTSC, this voice was done by Mochirisu themself
    • The AFD 2017 joke was read by Bacon until Sam shot him, where the errors became strips of bacon
    • Ironically, the premiere date for season 5 was announced in an April Fools joke in 2019, to premiere on April 22, 2019
      • This joke featured Sam reading Ubuntu Linux errors after his ROFL Robot played a prank on him and installed the OS to his computer, in a fake series called Microsoft Sam Reads Ubuntu Linux Errors
  • Funny Windows Error Messages celebrated its 50th Episode in this season with Season 5 Episode 2
    • To celebrate the golden milestone, Gold shoved his golden screw up Sam's anus, causing his blood to splatter all over the screen
  • The font used for the new title bars is Tahoma, which is usually a standard system font found on Windows computers
    • These new title bars can be downloaded from Mochirisu's website from here (requires Photoshop at the moment)
  • The longest gap between seasons was between Season 4 and Season 5, with S5E1 airing a month + 1 day after the season 4 finale
  • ARG: Starting with S5E4, episode titles were changed to have a specific word in the title capitalized. The viewer should write down the first letter in the word and scramble them to spell out the organization behind the conspiracy that will be revealed at the end of the season.
    • The letters so far, as of S5E8, are: T L E M I N I U - -