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FriendsMicrosoft Sam, Microsoft Mike (sometimes), Microsoft Mary (sometimes), Samantha, Natalie, ROFLrobot (his assistant), nRobot (his assistant), Scotty (neutral), Bacon (neutral), Gold (neutral), Fire (neutral)
EnemiesNatural Bill Gates, Microsoft Anna, The Naturals (formerly)
InterestsTTS Video Creator
Status (in real life)Alive
Status (in the nTTS Universe)Alive

nTEXTtospeech is a TTS Comedy Creator that made Microsoft Sam reads Disturbing Errors, SkeTTS (formerly Seigents), and other series. His channel currently boasting around 500 subscribers. He was previously deceased because he was killed by Microsoft Anna, but thanks to the N.E.W. Era, he came back alive with a N.E.W. Era of nTEXTtospeech TV.


On October 28th, 2013, nTEXTtospeech started his channel by the name of... of course... nTEXTtospeech. But he hasn't made any videos until November 24th, 2014. It was the Pilot of Microsoft Sam reads Disturbing Errors (formerly Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors). He started the TTS journey very well. He makes more content, and made him explode. But, the unusual thing that made him blew up is the GoAnimate/Vyond videos. He said that it was only for testing purposes, yet it blew up the channel, causing the channel getting a lot of subscribers and views. On August 5th, 2016, he was announced "retired" from the TTS Community. But on December 30th, 2016, he returned to the TTS Community by saying his retirement was fake. When his channel was "retired", his channel has reached 100 subscribers. But on return, he reached around 150 subscribers. After his return, he kept making videos, while also being active at his school.

nTEXTtospeech's Former Concept (From 2014 to 2019)

His channel is still active, and he even created Microsoft Sam reads Disturbing Errors Season 2 Finale, better known as "THE EPIC FINALE" which was nTEXTtospeech TV's largest project. As of now, he created "Project N.E.W." One of nTEXTtospeech TV's project with The N.E.W. Mystery and the wait for the N.E.W. Era. He says "Project N.E.W." will end with Microsoft Sam reads Disturbing Errors Season 3 Episode 4, and once Disturbing Errors Season 3 Episode 4 premiered, everything on nTEXTtospeech TV changed. And whilist on Season 3 Episode 4, he obtained a Pokesona "Marshadow". After the Project N.E.W., it continues with Project SHADOW. Before and after the N.E.W. Era of nTEXTtospeech, he created more large project, like The End of Year Show, and even some Subscribers Special. And on July 13th 2020, his channel has just reached 500 subscribers, and with that, on July 25th 2020, he released a new Premiere called "Microsoft Sam Does Everything". The video is about Microsoft Sam doing everything on a daily-TTS-basis.