Microsoft Sam (SAPI 5)

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Microsoft Sam
"You have selected Microsoft Sam as the computer's default voice." -Microsoft Sam (SAPI 5)
MSSam Speech Properties.png
Microsoft Sam as shown in Windows XP's Speech Properties.
Voice Info
Aliases"Natural Microsoft Sam", "SAPI 5 Sam", "Windows XP Sam", "Narrator Microsoft Sam"
Speech EngineSAPI 5 (WHISTLER Engine)
Default Speed0
Default Pitch0
Bundled OSWindows XP
OS AvailabilityWindows Exclusive

Microsoft Sam (SAPI 5) is a TTS (Text-to-Speech) voice featured in Windows XP with SAPI 5. It is one of the most popular voices in the TTSC, being less popular than it's SAPI 4 counterpart due to it's widespread availability compared to (SAPI 5) Microsoft Sam being locked to Windows XP installations by default. Because this voice is bundled with Windows XP and because it sounds a lot more natural than it's SAPI 4 counterpart, it has gained the title of "Windows XP Microsoft Sam" or "Natural Microsoft Sam". It has also gained the title "Narrator Microsoft Sam" being used in Windows XP's Narrator despite the fact Windows 2000 also has a narrator which uses the SAPI 4 version of Microsoft Sam.