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Natural Sam

Natural Microsoft Sam was a text to speech voice and sworn nemesis of his Speakonia counterpart. He first appeared in Thunderbirds101's Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S4EP1). Natural Microsoft Sam is an exact duplicate of the Speakonian Microsoft Sam, albeit more obsolete due to his post-Windows XP exclusion. Scientifically, he is known as "SAPI5 Microsoft Sam" while Speakonian Sam is the "SAPI4 Microsoft Sam" The two have very different speech patterns, to the point where most of the glitches in Microsoft Sam are in Natural Sam rather than Speakonian Sam.

In S4EP1, Natural Microsoft Sam's plans were to hold the entire Text-To-Speech universe for ransom, or else, he would spread a deadly virus and kill every voice in the galaxy. The virus in question was Windows Jibberish.

However, the Windows 2000 Sam (in Speakonia) is his twin.


The Natural Microsoft Sam voice came after Speakonian Sam. Speakonian Sam came from Windows 2000, and the Natural Sam came from Windows XP. (In other words, SAPI5 came after SAPI4.) Mistaking Natural Sam as an older voice is common, considering how much more glitchy he is than the Speakonian Sam. The Speakonian Sam has bad pitch increasement.

Recent Events

After The Supreme AI executed her plan to resurrect the Evil Forces of Thunderbirds101's videos, he came back to life in 2011, during the war in the Republic of My. He served The Supreme AI by doing various tasks, including assisting in the construction of the first Diarrhea Death Star: Supreme Excrement Edition, kidnapping Radar Overseer Scotty in a covert operation and delivering him to Hell, and by serving on the second Diarrhea Death Star: Supreme Excrement Edition with Natural Microsoft Mike and Natural Microsoft Mary. Natural Microsoft Sam was killed by Radar Overseer Scotty by a Linux-4 submachine gun during Sam's interrogation of Microsoft Mike.

Alternate Personality

Natural Sam generally sounds like the SAPI5 version of Sam in most universes. However, in some universes, he is portrayed to have the same kind of voice as his Speakonia counterpart, but with lower speed and pitch. The same concept applies to Natural Mike and Natural Mary, having lowered voices.