ROFL-6 Nerve Gas

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ROFL-6 Nerve Gas is a chemical weapon that is one of the most deadly, horrible yet highly used nerve gases on Earth 2. It can kill the inhaling victim in approximately ten to twenty seconds. It has a bright orange colour, but no odour or taste. The newest variants of it are orange, but with purple splotches.

It was most infamously used in Los Angeles during The War in the ROFL Island Chain. Soviet Lulz Brigade soldiers commanded by a corrupt high ranking USSR official assaulted Los Angeles International, opening fire on civilians and unleashing this deadly gas, killing many people, as well as the soldiers.

Chemical design

ROFL-6 is an extremely toxic and lethal substance. The chemical is made up of dangerously high levels of Sulphur, Chlorine, Arsenic, and Mercury. Extreme care must be taken when handling the gas; in liquid form, it can be easily and lethally absorbed through the skin. Furthermore, a drop of it can kill a victim almost instantly, regardless of age or state of health. When it is a gas, it is most lethal.

Inhaling the gas

Upon inhalance, the effects of of ROFL-6 are observed immediatly. Necrosis kicks in, blackening the victims skin; followed by violent seizures along with vomiting, a burning sensation in the skin, suffocation, failure of organs, sudden and violent coughing, bleeding from the eyes, ear drums will burst causing bleeding from the ears, hemorraging, and disables vocal cords, so that anyone else who hasn't been affected but hasn't seen the gas cannot be warned. All this occurs in five seconds, causing an absolutely agonizing death in ten seconds.

Nations with the deadly gas

Only a few nations have this absolutely terrible gas, they are:

The United Speakonian Soviet Republic, The United States of America and the infamous Republic of My.