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United Speakonian Soviet Republic

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The United Speakonian Soviet Republic was the largest and strongest nation on Earth 2. It has some of the highest technological presence in the world, and has a fleet above Earth 2 meant to defend the planet from extraterrestrial assaults.

It is well known in recent times for its contributions to the safety of the planet, and for the various degrees of destruction the nation has undergone in its troubled existence, as well as for being chastised by would-be politicians who haven't figured out that the nation fights for the good of the world.

After a long period of troubles leading up to one culmination between Kanto and the USSR nearly leading to war, Redstar decided the nation had run its course and deserved to be laid to rest. Following this, the nation was dissolved, and was replaced by the Russian Federated States.

The First Civil War (October 2010 - November 2010)

When the nation was formed after Earth 2 was discovered, it was lead by a brutal dictator, found to be a long lost son of Joseph Stalin. The leader adopted his alias and ruled the USSR brutally. Those who made even minor crimes faced life imprisonment, never to be seen again by those they loved. The people lived an oppressed life, though Joseph Jr. wasn't fussed - he was living perfectly fine, and the upper classes didn't have to face such dreadful treatment.

Unbeknownst to the dictator, the people were already plotting against him. A youngman known by the alias of RedStar had started a small rebellion movement in Leningrad, which had seemed like some fleeting dream for many. The man was determined however, picking up several critical allies. Nikolai Paranavsky was the first, a young man from Novosibirsk who loved his vodka as much as he loved his women. Dmitri Volishinov was the next, a hulking man who had no problem doing anything to get the ends he needed, and Bob Salvatierra, a man from Bolivia who had been a close contact of RedStar's for years.

These three friends would make up his circle of advisors for the year before the civil war. RedStar's movement slowly gained traction, a network of spies all the way across Russia caused the appearance of several chapters of his rebellion. From Moscow to Vladivostok, people were secretly joining up, sabotaging weapons and food rations the Stalin's men.

The time to revolt finally came in October 2010. With a single message, RedStar began the Russian Civil Uprising. All across the nation, those from simple street merchants to trained soldiers began rebelling against the regime. Monuments were toppled, soldiers imprisoned and supporters executed in the sudden revolt. After three days, RedStar and his forces broke through into the Kremlin, capturing Stalin and imprisoning him. RedStar proceeded to fully take over the nation - and brought an incredible degree of change with him.

Reforming the Nation (November 2010 - July 2011)

Joseph Stalin Jr. was executed on November 2010 in a live broadcast to the celebration of many people nationwide. With that, RedStar proceeded to begin the changes the nation deserved. Those who had been imprisoned (and not executed) for minor crimes were released after a few days, with some degree of surveillance. RedStar heavily militarised the nation, placing massive focus into economical growth and technological research. As a result, the Russian nation quickly advanced and surpassed the military strength of every other nation in the planet by mid-2011. By then, the nation was sporting brand new vehicles, powerful new weapons and heavily trained soldiers. The Russian Special Armoured Division was formed, using soldiers who had been enhanced by implants, drugs and genetic altering to become brutal killing machines, clad in towering green armour which was also enhanced by energy shielding and heavy armour plating.

As a result, the nation was quickly growing, and RedStar's eyes set out to expand. Within a few months, the Russians conquered Mongolia, incorporating its territories into the union before pushing into the Baltics, conquering them as well. The landgrab was relatively small, though expanding meant more resources, which meant more ways to advance the technology and productivity of the nation. When a nation splintered from China in July 2011, the USSR was immediately in on the situation. The Republic of My had formed, but two seperate leading entities did not agree on how the nation would work. The Russians backed North My, run by Communists, though unfortunately for them, the nation split peacefully.

The War of the Republic of My (July 2011 - October 2011)

However, this was just the beginning of what would soon be a worldwide crisis. Shortly after the split, an evil entity known as the Supreme AI took command of North My. The Supreme AI convinced the USSR to remained allied, promising that she would provide the world to them once the situation was out of the way. In a lapse of poor judgement, the Premier accepted this and the USSR fought as a valuable ally, easily crushing the resistance in South My before the Americans intervened. It was the first open war between the Russians and the Americans in the history of the world, and fighting continued for several days along the ever-changing borders of My.

However, with the take-over of Soiturana, the USSR lost its usefulness as an ally. With her new forces, three billion Soituranian troops invaded the USSR. Russian forces held out for over a week, being pushed back across the country, the last standing ending with a final nuclear blast in Vladivostok which killed all Soiturannians in the city, but was not enough to stop more pouring in.

The Soituranian forces occupied the country for two months, before the Supreme AI fired a Diarrhea Death Star at the planet - directly at the USSR. The nation was heavily impacted, killing tens of millions of people across the nation and damaging cities in the way. The Russians defected to the Allied side at the start of the Soituranian invasion, allowing the leaders and a large amount of military forces to escape to the United States, now their allies. While Sam took his elite squad up with the IWAY fleet to combat the CLPA and their Diarrhea Death Star, RedStar helped coordinate strikes on Earth 2 against holding out CLPA forces. The war ended shortly thereafter, and the Russians had to set out to rebuild their fallen nation.

Peace (November 2011 - February 2012)

At the end of the last war, the Russians came out in a very dire position. The nation lay in ruins and millions of people had died. The survivors returned and, with the help of their newfound allies, managed to quickly get the USSR back to a decent level of operation. Within a couple months, the USSR and the USA went from enemies to tight allies, keeping a pact to defend the other should they come under attack. For some, it seemed incredible - the two strongest nations on the planet were defending each other, and no one could stop them... for others, however, it was a mistake, an insult to the history of the nation. While most people voiced their unhappiness through grumbling to each other, one man took it a step further.

The War in the Rofl Island Chain (February 2012 - March 2012)

It was in February of 2012 when a splinter group revealed itself, having formed over the last few months. Lead by the long lost brother of Radar Overseer Scotty, the Soviet Lulz Brigade unveiled themselves by attempting to convince two radar overseers in the USSR to join their side by attacking the United States. When the radar operators refused, their leader, Scottyvich Baloneykov, proceeded to launch an attack on the radar stations with magical teleporting OMG Jets, killing both of them and damaging a secret baloney factory beneath Moscow. When Scotty learned of the attacks, he informed Premier RedStar, who set to repair damage from what seemed to be a simple terrorist attack after citing that the Soviet Lulz Brigade would never be as big a threat as the Supreme AI.

A sudden announcement was made shortly after, however, the Soviet Lulz Brigade having gained the support of the North Koreans. Worried by this, RedStar called an emergency meeting, travelling to Mycroft City in the Republic of My to meet up with Scotty, Sam, Mike and the Rofl Robot. The group decide to invade North Korea, sending a large attack force for a surprise aerial insertion. A sudden shot from an Orbital ROFL Laser however turns this attack sour, killing the entire invading force, with Scottyvich taunting the group shortly after.

After this, RedStar returned to the USSR to focus on reconstructing his military for a war with North Korea - but a sudden radio communication informed him of something awful. The Soviet Lulz Brigade had invaded and conquered the American-controlled Rofl Island Chain, prompting a mass military reconstruction in the USSR.

The brief reprieve, however, was not to last - the next event placing the largest strain on the alliance between America and Russia, and at one point almost inciting a nuclear war. At Los Angeles International, a team of five gunmen gunned down hundreds of civilians in the airport, before detonating a truck outside filled with ROFL-6 Nerve Gas canisters, contaminating a large degree of the downtown core and killing a countless amount of people. When clean-up crews went in to investigate the attack, a flash drive implicating the USSR for the attack was found - and Microsoft Sam himself was enraged by the possible betrayal.

As it turned out, over one-third of the Russian government had betrayed RedStar, turning against the USSR and working with the Soviet Lulz brigade. After a meeting with the United Nations, RedStar returned to his country, angered at his countrymen's betrayal. In a furious sweep of attacks over three days, he tracked down and viciously executed all betraying members, their families, and anyone who might be involved with the Soviet Lulz Brigade, showing no mercy to anyone suspected in the most tyrannical move he ever made. With his mind assured that no one would betray him again any time soon, RedStar began to focus once more on constructing his military.

Yet this was not the end of trouble for the Russians. The Soviet Lulz Brigade seemed determined to shatter their alliance, and even went ahead and reconstructed the Supreme AI. However this horribly backfired, with the Supreme AI mocking the Soviet Lulz Brigade and killing Baloneykov. The North Korean leader died of cardiac arrest shortly after, and the military agreement between the SLB and North Korea was cancelled. The Supreme AI transformed all Soviet Lulz Brigade soldiers into Tux Penguins, reconstituting the Communist Linux Penguin Army. Unable to cope with all the stress, RedStar took a group of his most important men and headed to his tower in Vancouver. As soon as he landed, Operation Electromagnetic Doom took place.

The Supreme AI had hacked into the USSR's nuclear launch systems at an alarming pace, launching twenty-three nuclear missiles from USSR territories at various cities world wide. While one of the missiles was disarmed by RedStar (as it had launched from his tower), the other twenty-two were unable to be stopped, detonating and killing around fifty million people around Eurasia. A massive EMP resulted in Russian military forces being unable to communicate or mobilise before emergency power could be utilised once the EMP wore off. RedStar returned to his crippled nation. Moscow lay in ruins once more, but he was determined not to die. Furious, he began to mobilize his air force. He would have his revenge by attacking the Rofl Island Chain in a joint attack with the USA. After cooperating with James Rofl, a Russian invasion force hits the Rofl Island Chain in a huge attack to take back the islands with the Americans invading shortly after.

The island were finally taken back - the Russian people cheered and the soldiers on the island hugged and shook hands with American soldiers, offering condolences to the Americans for the events in Los Angeles. The worst was yet to come. As RedStar called soldiers across his nation to take part in emergency nuclear defense protocols, a massive energy signature spiked above Earth 2. Before anyone could figure out what was about to happen, the Cleanser fired. The weapon killed billions of people across Earth 2, including 40% of the Russian military - including all on the Rofl Island Chain, who were too busy celebrating to notice what was happening. RedStar came out to find most of his cities empty. Angered and upset, the leader set out to rebuild his nation from the ashes, and to do his best to defend the nation in the face of the incoming CLPA invasion.

The Great Final War (March 2012 - April 2012)

While the biggest parts of the Great Final War were fought in space, there was still much fighting across Earth 2 as the people fought back against the CLPA invaders. RedStar took his place at the head of these engagements, organising militias across the world to fight their captors and fight back. As a result, he became the leader of all Earth 2 operations in the absence of Microsoft Sam, coordinating attacks on key locations to keep the remaining people free while Sam was out saving the world. RedStar kept up his attacks until the end of the war, when Sam returned to Earth 2 following an odd case of teleportation that produced more energy signatures than ever produced before, a reason only known to the team. With the Supreme AI dead in London, Scottyvich dead in space and Tsiklon killed later on Soiturana, the series of wars that shook the nation finally came to a close. These actions would lead to the formation of the Global Defense Initiative the next year.

Peace (April 2012 - August 2013)

Despite a coup attempt in 2012 that resulted in the USA becoming a massive dictatorship, Russia and their American allies kept a close relationship, helping to reconstruct each others nations as a show of good will. RedStar was finally able to have peace with his nation, constructing a memorial in Leningrad for all those who had fallen during the last three wars, names of everyone they could carved into it - and another plaque for those who went missing and were presumed dead. The USSR went back to normal following this, constructing its military, advancing its technology, and for once in the last couple years, it was peaceful. Of course, as with any period of peace on Earth 2, it would not last - and another rogue Russian named Yuri made sure of this.

The Tiberium Wars (August 2013 - November 2014)

Following a series of Psychic Dominator attacks, the USSR banded together with many nations on Earth 2 to form the Global Defense Initiative. This initiative fought hard against Yuri's forces worldwide, engaging in countless operations to stop his psychic attacks from conquering the world. While not everyone was happy to fall under the Russian leader, there wasn't much of a choice. The organisation united militaries worldwide as they engaged across the planet - but the wars were only getting started.

After an alien incursion in Kazahkstan, the GDI proceeded to engage with a massive Yuri attack in Destari. However, it was not an attack by Yuri at all - but a trap by the malicious Brotherhood of Nod, led by the mysterious Kane. Following an Ion Cannon blast, a Liquid Tiberium bomb was detonated beneath the base, causing extreme damage to the entire area and launching Tiberium fallout all over Earth 2, beginning the spread of this deadly, crystalline substance. Over time, this element was the cause for many wars between the Brotherhood and the GDI - but most importantly, it brought back the alien race from Kazahkstan - the Scrin.

The Scrin were a viciously powerful opponent - the initial force was only a harvesting force and it was almost enough to overpower the GDI and Nod forces combined. The Scrin constructed 'Threshold Towers', portals to other worlds that the Scrin would use for transport to conquer Earth 2 and turn it into a large Tiberium garden for infinite harvesting. While most were destroyed, one still stands today in Sarajevo, known only as Threshold-19. The Scrin escaped back through this tower at the end of the First Tiberium War, destroying many forces on their way out.

The crippling of GDI and Nod at the end of the first war resulted in a third CLPA invasion, only this time they conquered the planet. Sam went into hiding after being commended in Moscow before the invasion, coming out to see the world had changed. After arriving in Ukraine, Sam met up with Sasha Ketchum, and got on his way to a secret GDI base in the canal district. After being pursued by a CLPA Hunter Ship, he arrived at the base and met up with Mike, who then joined Sam as he advanced onwards to free the city from CLPA control.

After a long journey across the nation, Sam and his team reached another hidden GDI base, and proceeded to launch a missile in order to close a CLPA superportal that threatened to send a massive invasion force from Mars to attack Earth 2. The end of the war was all thanks to Nod, who took the opportunity to test their ultimate weapon. They launched a World Altering Missile through the Superportal just before it closed. As a result, the Liquid Tiberium Missile detonated, covering Mars in the green substance, still contaminating the planet today. After this, RedStar severed the alliance with Nod, citing them as too dangerous to remain as allies.

The next two wars were fairly short and small, the Second and Third Tiberium wars were short lived and only occasionally eventful. Save for RedStar taking injury during the start of the war, the USSR was not heavily effected - though the world was almost brought to an end by a World Altering Missile twice in the course of these wars.

Finally came the Fourth Tiberium War, the shortest and yet most devastating. The war started thanks to rebel in both the GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod, angered by an alliance formed between the two. As if this wasn't bad enough, Tiberium covered most of the planet, and was growing exponentially. Midway through the war, after an attack on the GDI HQ in Vladivostok by GDI Rebels, the Scrin re-emerged from Threshold-19, this time with a full attack force. After a brutal battle in Sarajevo, where the first war had ended, Sam and Kane arrived at the tower, RedStar following them up shortly after due to a serious injury. RedStar revealed he would be going with Kane through a portal, and might not be back. After this, the resulting activation caused all Tiberium to recede, and as a result terminated all Tiberium based life, including the Scrin. With RedStar gone, the USSR now had a rather big problem...

The Second Civil War (December 2014 - February 2015)

The USSR now stood without a leader. RedStar was gone, had appointed Sam as Director of GDI, and his friend Dmitri Volishinov as Premier of the USSR. The GDI was disestablished in January 2015, and the Premier's sudden disappearance caused a dreadful split that threatened the nation. Russia split into two nations, the USSR in the west, and the Federal Russian States in the east. While both refused to acknowledge the other as a nation, the border was split and frequent battles occurred across it between loyalist and separatist forces, clawing at each other for a chance to claim more land.

The civil war was bloody and violent, and both sides took heavy losses, though loyalist forces began gaining ground once RedStar returned in February 2015, though the separatists were determined to keep fighting for what was surely a lost cause. He took control of the USSR and began pushing deeply into the Federation's borders, prompting the separatists to try and find any means to get an advantage.

Eventually, the separatists came upon an old CLPA ship from many years before, a volatile AI inside. Unable to secure a connection with the Supreme AI, it took on its own name, the Remnant, and began commanding a massive CLPA attack force. The Federal Russian States collapsed into anarchy. The USSR called in the Americans to help out, and the two pushed on the Remnant's ship. After a bloody fight, the ship was destroyed, and the Remnant with it. With the Remnant gone and the FRS in anarchy, the USSR quickly reabsorbed the FRS into the nation, imprisoning and even executing the leaders of the rebellion.

Peace (March 2015 - July 2016)

Since the last civil war, the USSR has been largely dormant, sitting quietly in its place, constructing new weapons, new vehicles, all the while keeping an eye on the world, watching for all threats.

A dispute almost escalated into all out war between the USSR and Kanto - but ultimately the conflict did not go too far. As a result however, RedStar banished all Kantish citizens and military forces from the nation. Those who resisted were killed without question, and those who returned faced a similar fate.


After an intense period of decision making between his advisors, RedStar finally called for the end of his Union. It had been a wonderful venture, but as Humanity had once again betrayed him for their own gain as they had thousands of years ago, he decided all people were practically the same. With that, he opened for a new, democratic election among the Russian people and stepped down as Premier. Nikolai retired from military life to settle down with his wife, and Dmitri left to serve as a mercenary of brutal proportions around the world.

The country turned into the Russian Federated States following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, with President Andrei Yeltzof taking charge shortly after.