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Colorado Springs, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Most of the time I'm tame, calm, and quiet. Though, I can be talkative at times, and I like to talk about things I'm interested in, such as technology, music, and my videos on YouTube. I also like to talk about things I'm excited about.

I can be anxious, apologetic, and perhaps shy sometimes, too, however. I do worry about myself coming off as annoying to people, so if I am annoying you in any way, please tell me in a direct way, as it'll help me worry less, and I'll leave you alone right away. However, when I'm angry, you really need to leave me alone. I have autism, which makes it utterly difficult for me to control my anger. If you catch me in a bad mood, try to leave me alone. Also try to avoid talking about me in any way (unless you're concerned) because that may send me into a state of depression. I'm also not very fond of being social. I never know whether or not somebody is going to be nice or a total jerk to me.

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