WTF Train

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File:Wtftrain 2.jpg
WTF Train, as dubbed by WSAM0TV.

The WTF Train was inspired by WSAM0TV, as a train that takes the "WTFness" out of any situation, simply by saying "WTF Train Inbound." The WTF Train will: "Wipe all of the What the F-ness out of the situation, leaving you with something else that turns your f-ed up brain into an easily controlled brain." WSAM0TV advertised the WTF Train being run on ROFLcopter fuel, thus making it go over 9,000 miles per hour,compared with the train that is extremely horny and the one that goes 0.1 miles per hour.


Microsoft Will's LOL vehicle according to nkrs200

The WTF Train is known to replace WTF situations with objects such as:

  • The Green Llama
  • An awesome face
  • An awesome face dance
  • A train Appearing on the bottom right corner of the screen.