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WSAM0TV was an autistic TTS video creator from Central Florida. Inspired by Thunderbirds101, his videos mainly contain Text to speech videos, The channel was officially declared dead on the 26th of September 2011, when he made a new channel named darksideofthesun116.

He did make other videos, most notably when snow fell on his house on January 9th, 2010.


WSAM0TV first came to Youtube as "ProffesionalPooper" in May 2008, so named as he got inspired by Youtube Poops. Later, he stopped making Youtube Poops altogether in November 2008 to make MSSAM videos. In June 2009, he got into a feud with GameShowFan1999 about copyright complaints and closed his account. However, he returned as WSAM0TV, making almost entirely TTS videos. As of August 15th, 2010, he has 501 subscribers and 222 friends, making him the 2nd most popular TTS video maker spawned by Thunderbirds101, before Akriloth2160. On July 10th, 2010, WSAM0TV had smashed the 400 subscriber mark.

On August 14th, WSAM0TV smashed the 500 subscriber milestone, having more subscribers than Akriloth2160 and The98Funnyman.

On September 26th, The WSAM0TV name was declared dead, and all work has since been transferred to the new channel, darksideofthesun116.


As of September 26, 2011, WSAM0TV had 101 videos. His series are:

  • Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid and Dumb Errors (discontinued)
  • Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid and Dumb Errors:REBIRTH (made after a long hiatus of the above series)
  • Microsoft Sam Looks at Hillarious Pictures
  • Microsoft Sam Reads Obnoxiously Stupid Signs
  • Microsoft Sam Reads Engrish (3 Episodes)

Contributions to the TTS Universe

Being one of the most popular TTS video creators inspired by Thunderbirds101, WSAM0TV also inspired many and contributed to the TTS Universe. His most notable contribution is the DARO Retard Capsules, followed by the WTF Train, the Crazy Penguin Virus, etc.

External Links = WSAM0TV's channel = His new YT channel

The End

On 26/09/2011, WSAM0TV as a name shut down, however, he is still on YouTube, under a new name, darksideofthesun116. There will no TTS vids but there will be music videos as he recently became interested in them.