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Domingo0022 or Domingo0022IWAY is the interview guru of YouTube, known for the program "IWAY." He is also a member of NoyTube, an alliance of all Filipino YouTubers around the world.

IWAY Career

Domingo made a premiere of IWAY (Interview with a YouTuber) on August 2008. He interviewed Qamon23. During the first season, Domingo tallied 36 people who have been IWAY'd, including GWizard777. He made the second season, and jotted 54 users.

Due to a copyright strike, he transferred into a new account called: Domingo0022IWAY.

He has interviewed different people, including Thunderbirds101 and WSAM0TV. IWAY ended in 2012, but is being restarted in 2013. The show ended permanently in 2014 due to waning interest in the series.

IWAY Cookies

His corporation, IWAY Inc., made IWAY Cookies, a best-selling product, to promote his successful program.